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Sex Education Could Start in 4th Grade in One State

sex education (via istock)

A controversial new law could force schools in Kentucky to start sex education in fourth grade, according to Lexington Herald Reader. What would this mean for Latinos? Teen pregnancy? Mental health? A Big Proposal for Earlier Sex Education Kentucky (3.5% Latino) has the seventh-highest teen birth rate in the United States. Tom Burch, a state representative, introduced House Bill 80 to lower those rates by arming students with more knowledge about their body, according to Lexington Herald Reader. Sex education is not mentioned in some homes because it can be hard to talk about, or embarrassing for parents and kids. Schools thus are sometimes the main path to sex education. Most schools are required to teach sex education. But it's usually to older students starting in ...

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L.A.M.A. Gives Back to Latino Families

empire state lama motorcycle club

Motorcycle groups are popularly known for being big, bad bikers. But one group—Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A.)—has squashed that stereotype with their amazing work to help their community. In particular, the L.A.M.A. Empire State (New York) chapter has joined many "for a cause" rides. They support Latino scholarship events. They plant trees. They escort military veterans on rides and memorials. They help with Puerto Rican hurricane relief efforts. They have strong family and community values. This work has earned the chapter the Richard K. Wager Inclusive Champion Award. The group received the award at the community’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast Jan. 19, 2018, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal. “We call ourselves ‘La Familia’ and, as ...

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