Health Care Workers: Find If You Have Implicit Bias & What to Do Next!

Use this SALUD AMERICA! ACTION PACK to see if you have implicit bias, learn from others who have overcome their own bias, and encourage colleagues to learn about implicit bias

Does implicit bias affect how you provide health care or do research?

Find out — and change — with this Salud America! Action Pack with Coaching.

You will get:

  • Links to the Implicit Association Test (IAT).
  • Help reflecting on your IAT results, plus stories of doctors, researchers, and other health care workers who have learned about implicit bias and made a change.
  • Sharable messages to encourage colleagues to join in.
  • One-on-one support from an Action Pack coach.
  • Promotion of your efforts to 400,000+ change-makers.

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How to Use Our Action Pack!

Step 1: Take an “Implicit Association Test (IAT)” to Identify Implicit Bias

Take the IAT, created by Harvard University and other researchers. The test aims to identify implicit bias by measuring the strength of the association between concepts (i.e., race, skin color) and attributes (i.e., good, bad).

Step 2: Evaluate Your IAT Results on Implicit Bias

Use a fact sheet to help you better understand your IAT results. Then learn from doctors, researchers, and nonprofit health workers who have overcome implicit bias to help others.

Step 3: Encourage a Colleague to Take the IAT

Use our sample social messages to spread the word about the need to identify and also address implicit bias in the health care, medical, and research fields.

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Meet Our Coaches

Tenoch Aztecatl

Coaches on Latino health overall

Julia Weis

Coaches on Latino health equity

Josh McCormack

Coaches on Latino health and bias