Help Your City Approve Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing!

Use this SALUD AMERICA! ACTION PACK to help your city explore a smoke-free multifamily housing policy for common areas and individual units, to protect tenants and staff from secondhand smoke.

Want smoke-free multifamily housing in your town?! Get help with this Salud America! Action Pack with Coaching.

You will get free:

  • FAQs, graphics, and a guide to creating smoke-free multifamily housing.
  • Model emails to start the conversation with local leaders.
  • Sharable messages to encourage others to join in.
  • One-on-one support from an Action Pack coach.
  • Promotion of your efforts to 300,000+ change-makers.

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How to Use Our Action Pack!

Step 1: See If Advocates Are Working toward Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing in Your City

Use our model emails to see if local tobacco-free organizations and/or public health advocates are already working toward smoke-free multifamily housing in your city.

If yes, join their efforts. If no, invite them to share their perspectives as you move to Step 2.

Step 2: Contact Local Leaders to Introduce Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing

Use our model email and social messages to ask your city/county leaders or staff to take steps toward a smoke-free multifamily housing policy.

Step 3: Garner Community Support for Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing!

Use our model messages to spread the word about the need for smoke-free multifamily housing among your friends, family, and colleagues.

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Meet Our Coaches

Julia Weis

Julia coaches on issues of implicit bias, social cohesion, and health equity.

Tenoch Aztecatl

Aztec coaches on healthy food and mental health

Josh McCormack

Josh coaches on smoke-free issues, healthy food, implicit bias, and more.