Write a Medical School Oath to Fight for Social Justice!

Use this SALUD AMERICA! ACTION PACK to get model emails, materials, and coaching to help you write your own medical school oath to emphasize social justice

Write your own medical school oath!

With this Salud America! action pack, you get:

  • A guide to writing a new oath.
  • Model emails to start the conversation for a new oath.
  • Sharable social messages to build support.
  • 1-on-1 support from an Action Pack coach.
  • Promotion of your efforts to 500,000+ change-makers.

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How to Use Our Action Pack!

Step 1: Connect with your medical school leaders

Use our model email and guide to engage medical school leaders, administrators, and faculty to start the conversation and get initial permission to write a new or updated medical oath.

Step 2: Create a working draft of a new medical oath

Use our guide to write a new medical oath or update an existing one to consider more deeply your professional ethics, values, and beliefs as physicians living and working in an ever-growing society.

Step 3: Formalize, showcase, and share your new medical oath

Use our materials to work with school leaders to formalize your oath, plan how to showcase the oath, and share your oath with the news media and on social media.

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young female doctor swearing medical school oath

Meet Our Coaches

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Coaches on health equity

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Coaches on racial/ethnic justice

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Coaches on social justice