Start ‘Handle With Care’ to Help Kids!

Use the SALUD AMERICA! HANDLE WITH CARE ACTION PACK to get model emails, materials, and coaching to help you set up a “Handle With Care” notification system where police alert schools when they encounter kids at a traumatic scene, enabling schools to support these kids.

Help kids who are exposed to trauma get emotional, academic support at school with the Salud America! Handle With Care Action Pack with Coaching.

You will get:

  • Model emails, presentations, guides, and templates to launch Handle With Care in your community.
  • Sharable news releases and social messaging to raise awareness in your community.
  • One-on-one support from an Action Pack coach.
  • Promotion of your efforts to 250,000+ change-makers.

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How to Use Our Action Pack!

Step 1: Start the Convo for Handle With Care

Use our model emails and talking points to engage decision-makers about the need for Handle With Care.

Step 2: Create a Group and a Vision

Use our guide and materials to plan, invite people to, and conduct a community meeting to plan your Handle With Care program.

Step 3: Create Your Notification Flow

Use the model notification system to create your Handle With Care Notification Flow from police to schools. Most use email, text or police dispatch to send notifications with the child’s name, age, school, and a simple message to “Handle With Care” (no confidential or police incident info is shared).

Step 4: Implement Your Program

Use our sample materials to train police, school, and mental healthcare personnel to implement Handle With Care.

Step 5: Promote the Program

Use our model news release and sharable social media materials to raise awareness of your program in your community.

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