Make Your School Trauma-Sensitive!

Use the SALUD AMERICA! TRAUMA-SENSITIVE SCHOOL ACTION PACK to get model emails and presentations, templates of East Central ISD's innovative trauma-informed care system, and coaching to help you create your own actions to address student trauma and boost school attendance!

Help traumatized students with the Salud America! Trauma-Sensitive School Action Pack with Coaching.

You will get (at no charge to you):

  • Model emails, presentations, and guides to become trauma-sensitive
  • Templates from one district’s influential system
  • One-on-one support from an Action Pack coach
  • Promotion of your efforts to 200,000+ change-makers
  • 25 Salud America! T-shirts

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How to Use Our Action Pack!

Step 1: Start the Convo!

Use our model emails and talking points to start the conversation with decision-makers.

Step 2: Create a Group & Vision!

Use our model emails, presentations, and guides to start a task force and build your vision.

Step 3: Take Immediate Action: Trauma-Sensitive Tracking System!

Use real templates from John Hernandez of East Central ISD in San Antonio to craft your own system with protocols to identify/track/monitor students, a community resource guide, and a chain of command system.

Step 4: Take Long-Term Action: Comprehensive Trauma Sensitivity!

Use our guide to plan additional action that will best support students in your district.

Step 5: Raise Awareness!

Use our model emails, social media posts, and presentations to share your new system.

View Examples!
John Hernandez Toolkit webpage

Meet Our Coaches

Stacy Cantu-Pawlik

Coaches on healthy food and mental health

Amanda Merck

Coaches on active spaces and early childhood development and weight

Rosalie Aguilar-Santos

Coaches on overall Latino child health