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Rosalie Aguilar-Santos

Rosalie Aguilar Santos, MS, is Salud America!'s national project coordinator. She is passionate about nutrition, physical activity, and opportunities to engage communities in advocacy actions to promote Latino childhood health.

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Poll Found Ethnic Voters Support Soda Tax, Obesity Prevention

A field poll done in California found that minorities, especially Latinos, would support taxing sugary ...

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“Five Minutes with LiveWell Mom Malena”

Malena is a busy mother of two who believes that it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. She is very concerned about childhood obesity, especially among the Latino community. Malena joined LiveWell Moms after learning about this group through their Facebook page. Although Malena was initially a shy person, she now has fun being able to teach the community about living a healthy lifestyle. Malena has taught healthy habits to Hispanics through both TV and radio shows. She has also started her own website and Facebook page to promote awareness of obesity in the Hispanic community and what one can do about it. ...

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“Five Minutes with LiveWell Mom Sophia”

LiveWell mom Sophia Ayala Gettys describes her journey with health and wellness. She learned about the LiveWell Mom program through a television commercial and by visiting the LiveWell Colorado Facebook page. Sophia encourages others to be a voice for health in wellness in their community by sharing their own story. ...

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“From Policy to Pavement: Implementing Complete Streets in the San Diego Region”

This report makes the case for local Complete Streets policies in the San Diego region and explains how local governments can overcome barriers to implementing such policies. ...

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“FTC Updates Report on Food Marketing to Children”

According to an update from the Rudd Radar, food companies have begun to shift their focus from younger children to tweens and teen. According to the December 2012 FTC report, "Review of Food Marketing to Children & Adolescents" spending on food marketing towards this age group increased between 2006-2009. ...

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“Glendale 5th-Graders Help Fight Childhood Obesity with Policies”

News article describing how a healthy school project turned everyday students into health advocates. ...

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“Grassroots campaign pays off for cycling advocate”

Securing bike lanes for a transportation project may not seem like an easy task, especially after plans excluding such lanes are developed. Still, upon finding out that plans for a new bridge in Georgia did not include bike lanes, Joe Seconder of Atlanta decided to contact other advocates and members of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Through describing the need for bike lanes to planners, Seconder a representative of Georgia Bikes!, was able to convince the state department of transportation to include not only one, but two bike lanes as part of the bridge's infrastructure. ...

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“Groups Fight to Save a Generation from Obesity”

Highlights efforts in California's Coachella Valley of various groups, including the school districts in the area, to reduce childhood ...

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“Groups: Facebook space for preteens must protect privacy, be ad-free and marketing-free”

The Center for Digital Democracy put out this news release asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to place stronger safeguards against ads if the group intends to open up the social network site to children under the age of 13. ...

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