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Cliff Despres, who has more than a decade of experience in journalism and public relations, is communications director for Salud America! and its home base, the Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio.

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Bilingual Comic Strip Helps Latinos See Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine

what my family should know about COVID-19 vaccines - Latinos - English via National Alliance for Hispanic Health

A new educational COVID-19 comic strip series in English and Spanish is helping bring important vaccine information to Latino families. The comic strips, created by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, demonstrate what families, friends, parents, and patients need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine. The comics also feature the Alliance's bilingual Su Familia Helpline (1-866-783-2645). See all 14 of the comic strips. So far, Latinos make up a very low percentage of those getting a vaccine. And they are disproportionately hurt by COVID-19. "The toll of COVID-19 on Hispanic communities has been devastating," said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, leader of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, in a statement. "We have lost far too many and for far too long effective public ...

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Salud America! Gets $650,000 Genentech Grant to Bring More Latinos into Cancer, Alzheimer’s Research

Latino cancer patient smiling with doctor nurse clinic

Did you know that Latinos represent 18.5% of the U.S. population, but are less than 10% of those in federal cancer and drug studies? This makes it hard for researchers to create treatments that work best for Latinos. To engage more Latinos in research, the Salud America! program at UT Health San Antonio has received a three-year, $650,000 grant from Genentech to create Latino-focused recruitment strategies and systems for clinical trials in cancer treatment and Alzheimer’s disease. Salud America!, established in 2007, produces culturally relevant multimedia research, tools, and stories to fuel its digital network—over 400,000 moms and dads and health, community, and school leaders across the nation—to change systems and environments toward health equity, where everyone has ...

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Update: Coronavirus Case Rates and Death Rates for Latinos in the United States

Latino face mask wearing hair salon covid coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID-19 can affect anyone. But reports show Latinos and other people of color are disproportionately affected, amid worsening historical inequities. What are the data really showing? UPDATE 2/24/21: Various new state and U.S. data! COVID-19 Case Rates for Latinos Coronavirus is disproportionately sickening U.S. Latinos. The U.S. COVID-19-associated hospitalization rate is 417.2 per 100,000, and hospitalization rates were highest among Latinos, at 3.2 times the rate among Whites, according to CDC data updated on Feb. 5, 2021. On Feb. 19, 2021, CDC updated its weekly tracker and noted that "additional priority data will be added in future weeks, including race and ethnicity." Here are some state examples of Latino coronavirus case disparities: Utah is 14% ...

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#SaludTues Tweetchat 2/2: The Chronic Wound of Health Inequity

crowd chronic wound tweetchat

You might know that health inequities, such as a lack of access to health care, housing, or transportation, prevent Latinos and other people of color from getting a fair opportunity to live their healthiest. These inequities can cut deeply, and for a long time. Some experts compare these inequities to a “chronic wound” that doesn’t heal in a timely or expected way, with both little progress and many long-term health consequences. Let’s use #SaludTues on Feb. 2, 2021, to tweet about how advocates, planners, and other leaders can take action to solve the chronic wound of health inequities! WHERE: Twitter WHAT: #SaludTues Tweetchat “The Chronic Wound of Health Inequities” WHEN: 1-2 p.m. ET (12-1 p.m. CT), Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 HOST: Salud America! at UT ...

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#SaludTues Tweetchat 1/12: Improving Oral Health across the Latino Lifespan

oral health latino lifespan old man with child playing basketball gym

Even in a pandemic, we still have a lot to smile about. We all care about our parents, sisters, brothers, niños, and our abuelos. We want to make sure they are the healthiest they can be, and that includes their oral health. So let’s use #SaludTues on Jan. 12, 2021, to tweet about how we can help people of all ages improve their oral health and be able to flash those healthy smiles for a lifetime! WHERE: Twitter WHAT: #SaludTues Tweetchat “Improving Oral Health across the Latino Lifespan” WHEN: 1-2 p.m. ET (12-1 p.m. CT), Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021 HOST: Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio (@SaludAmerica) CO-HOST: Campaign for Dental Health from the American Academy of Pediatrics (@ILikeMyTeeth), Hispanic Dental Association (@HDAssoc), Oral Health Forum ...

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Dr. Amelie Ramirez: Tackling Latina Breast Cancer Disparities

Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio, discussed Latina breast cancer in a livestream interview for the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on Dec. 7, 2020. Watch the full interview (in Spanish). Ramirez has led Latina-focused breast cancer research for over 20 years. She has studied patient navigation, genetic testing, clinical trials, quality of life, and survivorship issues. "Cancer prevention is a critical way to save people’s lives today," said Ramirez, who also hosts the biannual Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos conference. "If we applied what we know works through prevention, we could reduce cancer by half." Dr. Ramirez & Her Healthy Equity Research Ramirez is an ...

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How a Smoke-Free Policy Protects Apartment Tenants from Secondhand Smoke, COVID-19

Mil Gracias for not smoking indoors in multifamily dwellings

Does someone smoke in your apartment complex? You might be inhaling your neighbor's secondhand smoke. Inside multifamily dwellings, secondhand smoke can travel through doorways, halls, windows, ventilation systems, electrical outlets, and gaps around fixtures and pipes. Secondhand smoke, already a cancer-causing killer of millions, also might contribute to the spread of coronavirus. While there is no definitive link as of yet, there is enough scientific understanding of how particles travel to cause concern that smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products could be transferring COVID-19, said Dr. Loren Wold, a researcher at The Ohio State University. “We know that the virus can attach to particles and can travel three, four, or five times farther than they ...

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7 Holiday Actions to Speak Up for Health Equity!

health equity for population diversity and holiday action

Volunteering for Christmas and New Year’s helps other people and is proven to give the volunteer an emotional boost, too. So why not volunteer your “voice”? Speak up with these seven actions to promote health equity for Latino and all families this holiday season! 1. Share Messages to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 COVID-19 continues to disproportionately impact Latinos. As Latinos, we are resilient. But part of our resiliency requires action to slow the spread of COVID-19! That’s why Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio launched the “Juntos, We Can Stop COVID-19” digital communication campaign in English and Spanish to help Latino families and workers take action to slow the spread of coronavirus. The #JuntosStopCovid campaign features culturally relevant and ...

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