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School Menu Updates: No More Fake Colors & Flavors

Restaurants and fast food chains across the nation are changing their menus, and now certain schools are joining in to change their menus to healthier options too. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and Los Angeles Unified School District, both with large latino populations, are looking to change their menus by planning to remove foods colors, and additives that have been linked to adverse health outcomes. Healthy school lunches are one of the main ways kids in the more than 85% low-income areas of Chicago have access to healthy meals.   A report from Healthy Schools Campaign and CPS shows the 10 pathways they plan to achieve to move away from processed food and fake additives. These pathways include set topics and direct goals to involve the community, parents, and staff in ...

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New Food App To Find Local Farmers Markets & More

Looking for the next best place to eat or buy the freshest local veggies? Eat Well Guide app can help you do just that. A movement to know were your food comes from and eat sustainable products is becoming increasingly popular. Technology may help build the bridge for consumers with looking for healthier options. Created by GRACE Communication Foundation, the app allows users to find local farmers market or the closest restaurants with sustainable products. Leslie Hatfield, GRACE’s communications director in a recent article stated, “We want to show people that there are places that are better than McDonalds.” On their website, Eat Well Guide state that it help's people "eat local, even when your not" a local. Access to healthy options through free or easily applicable ...

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Study: Community Based Initiatives Increase Physical Activity In Kids

In 2011, a community in central North Carolina launched a grassroots, community campaign to encourage all children and adults to be physically active through enhancement of the built environment and establishment of sustainable opportunities for active living.   The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effect of the community campaign on physical activity levels in elementary school children. The study reports that community-based initiatives are effective forms of preventing obesity by increased physical activity in school aged children. To learn more, read the full ...

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Sprouting Up Healthy Growth With A School Garden

South El Monte High School is a predominantly Latino High School located in Los Angeles, California. The School is located in a Latino working class community, with little access or education on obesity prevention. A chart from the local public health report shows the school as the highest ranked city with prevalence of diabetes at 34.5% for children. The students at South El Monte High School wanted to leave a lasting impression for future students in regards to having a healthier future. Working with Youth voices and the PTA, six students quickly grew an idea of how to help future students have better eating habits through a school garden, the SEMHS Greensleeves: Garden Project. The Team GreenSleeves, consists of six students: Vienna Z., Jocelyn R., Adriana T., Francisco ...

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Florida’s New SunTrail Lights The Way to A Healthier State

Biking and walking are great ways to get the daily exercise that many Latino kids need. However, many of the areas in Latino neighborhoods lack safe playgrounds, or safe spaces to walk and bike. Florida is changing their states landscape with the plan of their new SunTrail Network, which will provide new biking and walking trails statewide. Governor Rick Scott signed and approved House Bill 2514-A for the new statewide Suntrail Network in Florida, bringing funding for $25 million for the new biking and walking trails for the area. The Suntrail Network, will be shared-use pedestrian and biking trails that are physically separated from roadways. Senate President Andy Gardner has supported the Suntrail Network and other trails in the area including the Coast-to-Coast connector trail, ...

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SNAP Increases Farmers Market Sales in Philadelphia

It's known that all Americans need to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in their diet, especially those in underserved areas. USDA announced in a recent article, that residents from Philadelphia are using their benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to purchase more locally grown food. In fact, an six-fold increase of purchases have been calculated since 2008. This means that previous food deserts and low-income populations, are eating fresher, locally grown foods. The Latino population in Philadelphia is just over 13%, with many living in low-income neighborhoods or "food deserts". Increased access to locally grown foods in farmers markets, with USDA's SNAP program is beneficial to having access to healthy food for the Latino ...

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McDonalds Makes Progress On Healthy Happy Meals

  According to a recent article, McDonald's has reported a slight decrease in consumption of soda in happy meals. In 2013 McDonald's joined the Alliance for A Healthier Generation to commit to having healthier options in kids meals and removing soda marketing to kids menus. Of the five commitments, McDonald's has already shown progress in taking soda off the kids menu as numbers of soda consumption has dropped from 56%. All the while, the choice of water, juice or milk rose in that same year to 37%. Plus, the study shows that kids are taking more fruit in their happy meals. This progress is just one of the five commitments McDonald has made and will continue to track until all goals are met by 2020. Another goal they have set in the commitments, is to change children's ...

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GrowNYC Grows Interest Towards Farmer’s Markets

GrowNYC hosted a special guest to NYC Farmers' markets in hopes to bring awareness about the need and productivity farmer's markets provide to communities. A video on YouTube shows Krysta Harden, the USDA Deputy Secretary visiting GrowNYC's farmers markets, walking from booth to booth, tasting and experiencing what New Yorkers are doing to provide healthy foods to their neighborhoods. GrowNYC has created or rejuvenated over 70 community gardens. They work with schools, public housing associations, and neighborhoods in an ongoing effort to revitalize vacant land into urban agriculture destinations. Many of these gardens are in urban places where garden and green spaces are rare and large populations of Latinos live. An article from 2011 showed New York City being the number ...

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Children & Nature : Studies Show Increase In Memory & Attention

Studies from all over are funneling down on the facts about how nature and the great outdoors prove to help the learning environment for kids and adults alike. A recent study from US National Library of Health, reveals a link between the "greenness" of green spaces and school performance. Another study in 2015 from University of British Columbia, shows that rough play, usually in outdoor settings, increase a child's health socially and physically. These studies are finding the benefits of nature and being outdoors are helpful for: Cognitive Development Memory Function Critical Reasoning Diversified Learning Physical health To read more on this check out the full ...

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