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First City to have Electric-Assit Bike Share

Near mid-September 2015, new bikers with previous barriers, such as obesity, will have an easier biking experience with Birmingham's new Electric-Assist Bike Share. This bike share is the first of it's kind in North and South America to have a bike share that includes electric pedal-assist, or pedelec, bicycles. The bikes are not electric, but assist in pedaling the bike. With this change they hope to bring a more diverse group of bikers to use bike shares. According to multiple resources, including the Center for American Progress, the Latino population continues to grow in Alabama and across all states. Having access to bike share systems like these may possibly change the way Latinos view transportation and help them become more active. The group plans to hire a community ...

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Be blessed by your garden

  Gardens are a source of life, community and even faith at times. Blessed Tomorrow and GreenFaith Leadership Programs are encouraging people of all faiths to grow a garden and be blessed. Having access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutritious food is a must for Latino families, considering Latino neighborhoods have one-third the number of supermarkets as non-Latino neighborhoods. Encouraging Latino faith communities to build gardens is just one real way of bringing better food to their families.  For resources on how to incorporate faith, climate and tools on getting your faith community involved, click here. To read about how some Latino youth are making gardens grow in their communities, check out this Salud ...

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New Parks for Philadelphians

Grass is greener on the other side, or maybe just a 10-minute walk away. Green 2015 and the national Trust for Public Land are working under the program Parks for People- Philadelphia to bring in new parks and green spaces to Philadelphia's underserved communities. A study from Green 2015 showed that one in eight Philadelphia residents don't have access to public parks or green space within a short distance from home. Eighty percent of Americans are living in urban or metropolitan areas, where these green spaces offer the closest way for many Latino kids to get the exercise they need on a daily basis. Philadelphia's new initiative is to create suitable green spaces within a 10-minute walk of every home in the city. This goal is under a program called Parks for People- ...

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Double up for less cost with SNAP 2 it!

SNAP 2 it! is copying similar programs from around the country,  where recipients of the the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, can get each dollar spent on these fresh foods matched. A recent article, talks about the local farmer's markets involved in the program: Schlafly’s Bottleworks, Webster Groves Farmers Market, Cherokee Street Farmers Market, International Institute of St. Louis Global Farms, North City Farmers Market, and Tower Grove Farmers Market, as well as the Earth Dance booth at the Ferguson Farmers Market. By making the food more affordable and multiplying the dollar-for-dollar model, they hope to bring in a more diverse population for customers using EBT and other similar payment ...

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July is Park & Recreation Month

Parks are a great way to be active and help combat obesity. July is Park and Recreation month and the "Let's Move Outside" movement is showing just how to get to your nearest park and get on the move with the latest fun park activities. The site shows map where local parks are that may be offering free programming such as: Zumba, concerts, dance classes, concerts, cooking classes, and more! Click here, find the map and get moving to the fun park activities ...

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Free healthy Meals!

Good News! A healthy summer is just around the corner!  However, it's not always easy for some families to keep healthy meals available while schools out. If you or anyone you know is looking looking for a healthy alternative to provide healthy meals during the summer months, check out the latest Summer Feeding Programs in your area. Click here to find where you can get a free meal for kids 18 and ...

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Taco Bell’s New Teen Lingo

You might run into some strange words like, "Cinderfella" on Taco Bell's next social media ad. Why? Taco Bell is working on identifying of all Teen's word usage, in order to communicate and market their brand even more.  A recent news article, reveals that Taco Bell has hired young employees in their 20's to keep on top of youth vocabulary by curating for the latest words used online. They not only have a "Millennial word of the Week", but they also have employed a teen advisory board to discuss the latest feedback on teen culture. A study from Yale Rudd Center revealed that ads on Facebook represented 19% of fast food display advertising in 2012. With Latino youth being a target market to all major food, soda, and candy brands, Taco Bell's new "studies" on teen ...

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Technology to promote Latino Health: What ideas do you have?

OpenIDEO is a platform to gather ideas in order to solve problems in multiple facets. One of the current  questions in motion is asking how we can use technology to inspire healthier lives for multicultural groups. With over 30% of Hispanics in the US suffering from obesity and over 75% suffering with Diabetes, OpenIDEO is looking to change how the Latino population uses technology to advance health outcomes for their communities. Partnering with NBCUniversal and Telemundo to promote this challenge together OpenIDEO is looking to find immediate ideas and actions that can be implemented quickly and proven on a small scale. "In this challenge, we recognize that young people are the largest influencers of a community’s health future. That’s where the technology piece comes ...

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(OSNAP) An initiative for Healthy Choices in Afterschool Programs

OSNAP – An Initiative to Create Healthy Spaces for Kids   Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center (HPRC) has developed OSNAP- an Out of School Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative, to help make the healthy choice an easy choice. This initiative works with out of school time (OST) programs in Massachusetts and Main to improve physical activity, nutrition, environment and policies. The main goals of OSNAP are for out of school programs to: Increase physical activity Limit screen time Serve water every day Serve fruits and vegetables Serve whole grains Reduce sugary drinks Eliminate trans fats The OSNAP website is a resource for teachers, afterschool program staff and organizational leaders to help achieve these goals into the out of ...

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