Technology to promote Latino Health: What ideas do you have?


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584c8df9-9d88-433e-8ff2-f0e4a623587eOpenIDEO is a platform to gather ideas in order to solve problems in multiple facets. One of the current  questions in motion is asking how we can use technology to inspire healthier lives for multicultural groups. With over 30% of Hispanics in the US suffering from obesity and over 75% suffering with Diabetes, OpenIDEO is looking to change how the Latino population uses technology to advance health outcomes for their communities.

Partnering with NBCUniversal and Telemundo to promote this challenge together OpenIDEO is looking to find immediate ideas and actions that can be implemented quickly and proven on a small scale.

“In this challenge, we recognize that young people are the largest influencers of a community’s health future. That’s where the technology piece comes in. If we’re going to make big change in people’s lifestyles, it has to be easy and play into their current habits.”

So how can you get involved to inspire healthier lifestyles for the Latino population?

Share an idea that:

  • Draws upon technology. Let’s leverage social platforms, TV, wearables, and technology that is current, imminent and  affordable
  • Inspires action. Making impact that can be quickly tested and proven simply
  • Highlight the hiddens. What are motivators or triggers that are not thought of?
  • Is visual and fun. Ideas that are relatable and put a smile on the face of the end user.

Get involved by sharing your ideas on their innovative platform today.

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