Taco Bell’s New Teen Lingo


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You might run into some strange words like, “Cinderfella” on Taco Bell’s next social media ad.


Taco Bell is working on identifying of all Teen’s word usage, in order to communicate and market their brand even more.  A recent news article, reveals that Taco Bell has hired young employees in their 20’s to keep on top of youth vocabulary by curating for the latest words used online. They not only have a “Millennial word of the Week”, but they also have employed a teen advisory board to discuss the latest feedback on teen culture.

A study from Yale Rudd Center revealed that ads on Facebook represented 19% of fast food display advertising in 2012. With Latino youth being a target market to all major food, soda, and candy brands, Taco Bell’s new “studies” on teen verbiage is not surprising.

Teens usually know what is trending online and they have their own language to communicate with other teens about what they think and how they feel. Teens share, like and tweet with their friends on social media and online networks, making social media advertising easy for brands to get the word out. Some of the language that Taco Bell is looking for online are words found in the Urban dictionary, “Throwing Shade” and “lit”, are just a few examples of the slang used by teens. Taco Bell realizes the huge impact teens have to market their brands through social media. Knowing this and that Latino youth are expected to compromise 35% of the youth population by 2050 be advised that Taco Bell will be sure to stay on top of Teen Latino lingo.



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