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Sukumaran completed a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and an MPH in Population Health Analytics. He curates content for Salud America! on family support and health projects at the Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR) at UT Health San Antonio. His emphases is on the latest research, reports and resources related to various disease and policies, to improve Latino health.

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Latinos the Only Ethnic Group with Net Growth in U.S. Homeownership

Latinos now account for the majority of homeownership growth in the U.S., according to recent findings from the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). The report analyzes information such as labor force participation, household formation, median income, and aspirational interest, among other factors, to evaluate different demographics' roles in overall homeownership gains. It also provides insight into how Latinos are fairing in the current housing market. The data shows that Latinos are the only racial or ethnic demographic with positive homeownership rates over the last four years. "Over the past decade, Hispanics have accounted for 62.7% of net U.S. homeownership gains, growing from 6,303,000 homeowners to 7,877,000, a total increase of ...

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The CHANGE Act on Alzheimer’s: How Will It Impact Latinos?

nurse with hispanic latino older couple diabetes pancreatic cancer

The U.S. burden of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia will more than double within 50 years, and Latinos will suffer the biggest rise, according to the CDC. Alzheimer’s is the only top-10 cause of death without an effective treatment or cure. However, new legislation is targeting this rising crisis. The CHANGE Act The CHANGE Act takes a targeted approach to addressing our nation’s Alzheimer’s crisis by encouraging early detection, diagnosis, and access to interventions, according to UsAgainstAlzheimer's. The CHANGE Act was introduced by eight U.S. Senators, including two Latinos, Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Linda Sanchez (D-CA). Some of the senators are Republican, some Democrat. The latest emerging science indicates that proactive, risk-modifying measures exist ...

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Affordable Housing for Seniors: A Reality Check and a Roadmap

Affordable Housing for Seniors- A Reality Check

Many senior citizens live on fixed incomes. Unfortunately, programs such as Social Security aren’t always enough to pay for living expenses — including housing. U.S. housing costs are at its least affordable in 10 years. The rising price and the lack of affordable options strain the well-being of the seniors, especially Latinos. The Issue of Housing Affordability for Seniors Many seniors are not as financially prepared for retirement as they would like. Their income may be reduced, and their lifestyle costs may increase as well. The house where they raised their kids may no longer fit their needs or their budget. An increase in home prices could provide opportunities to relocate for retirement. In fact, housing is often a terrible investment if not planned wisely. ...

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Latinos Face Discrimination When Up for Promotion, Even in the Military

Discrimination military

Latinos historically face discrimination in the hiring and promotion processes. A few years ago, a Harvard study found that one-third of Latinos say they were discriminated against when applying for jobs (33%) or when being paid equally or considered for promotions (32%). Now a recent report says discrimination extends to military promotions. Latinos Rarely Promoted to High Military Ranks Latinos have a “proud and indeed enviable” record of military service. Today, the Latino share of the active-duty force has continued to rise. In 2015, 12% of all active-duty personnel were Latino, up from 9% in 2004, according to Pew Research. But between 1995 and 2016, only one Latino had become a three-star general, even as the number of active-duty Latino officers more than doubled, ...

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6 Emerging Ways Cities Can Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis


Demand for affordable housing is high, but supply is down in many U.S. cities. More than 11 million renters and 8 million homeowners spend more than half their income on housing; this results in extreme cost burdens and jeopardizes individual health, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. “A lack of federal action and cash-strapped state and local budgets have contributed to the affordable housing crisis,” writes Teresa Wiltz for Pew Trusts. “Citizens are showing up at town halls and city council meetings demanding action.” Cities must find a way to boost affordable housing, but how can they make a difference? Here are six solutions to help improve affordable housing: 1. Create Affordable Housing Trusts. Housing trust funds are ...

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As Trump Vows to End to HIV, Epidemic Continues Huge Rise among Latinos

latino hispanic young man adult writing

Just weeks after President Donald Trump unveiled a plan to end the HIV epidemic by 2030, a CDC report showed a rising trend in HIV cases among Latinos. Overall, the U.S. HIV rate declined by 6% from 2010-2016, according to the CDC. But the Latino HIV rate rose 14% over the same span. The disparity is even more stark among Latino gay and bisexual men, who suffered a 30% rise in HIV cases. The rate actually fell 16% among white gay and bisexual men. "This CDC report shows an alarming trend that is urgent to address," said Guillermo Chacon, of the Latino Commission on AIDS, in an email. "The messenger matters and in this case customized prevention strategies by population matters even more. It is critical to re-set and review the prevention and engagement efforts to reverse this ...

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How Big Tech Is Fueling the Affordable Housing Crisis (and Trying to Fix It)

facebook housing crisis big tech san francisco (via New York Times)

Big Tech helps drive the economy. It also influences where and how people live. In fact, the biggest tech companies like Facebook are increasingly diving into housing policy. They're starting housing projects and investing in philanthropic affordable housing projects. This creates quite the contrast, Ankita Rao recently wrote for Vice. "On one hand, tech companies have helped fuel the housing crisis—sprawling across cities that are bursting at the seams with little investment in public infrastructure, and avoiding taxes that might help the poor and homeless at virtually every turn," Rao wrote. "On the other, they're positioning themselves as postmodern Robin Hoods, announcing plans to build apartments for rent and subsidize others" that look like "company towns." How Big ...

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Oregon OKs Approves 1st Statewide Rent Control Policy in the U.S.

Hand Holding eviction notice in envelope

Oregon state leaders recently gave its renting residents greater peace of mind when it comes to housing security. The 13.1% Latino state became the first in the nation to pass a statewide rent control policy. It also makes it harder for landlords to evict tenants without reason. “This bill is a critical tool for stabilizing the rental market throughout the state of Oregon,” said Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, according to The Oregonian. "It will provide immediate relief to renters struggling to keep up with the rising rents in a tight rental market.” Policy Specifics Landlords across the state now can raise rent no more than 7% per year, plus the annual change in the consumer price index. However, the law does exempt rental properties that are less than 15 years ...

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Will New Affordable Housing Units Help Latinos in Boston?

affordable housing boston via Jesse Costa/WBUR

Close to 40% of Americans struggle to meet rising costs of housing, and Latinos face hardship in affording at least one basic need. To tackle a "housing crisis" in Boston (19.4% Latino), the city’s Mayor, Marty Walsh, announced $26 million in funding for affordable housing units, MassLive reports. Their plan? To convert previously used apartment buildings into income-restricted units available for low-income families. "We have no problem building high end housing in Boston. It is pretty easy and we see it every day," Walsh said in a press conference earlier this week. "The question is how can we make sure we can have it affordable and built in our city and targeted correctly." Boston's New Affordable Housing Plans Boston's ongoing growth, especially among Latinos, is ...

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