Take a Survey: Latinos, How Has COVID-19 Impacted You?


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The Rutgers Community Health Justice Lab is inviting Latinos to complete this brief anonymous survey to understand the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on Latino health.

The survey, which takes 45 minutes to complete, is available in Spanish and English.

You can also enter a raffle for one of five $100 gift cards.

“Understanding how Hispanics and Latinos have been impacted by the COVID pandemic is critical to guide efforts in reducing health inequity,” according to survey creators Pamela Valera and Humberto Baquerizo and their team at Rutgers University.

Why Latinos Should Participate in this COVID-19 Survey?

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the Latino community.

Health Equity Report Card Covers Social Vulnerability, COVID-19COVID-19 pandemic is worsening historical inequities among racial/ethnic minorities.

“This is robbing the Hispanic community of a generation of mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters,” Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine told TPR.

Latinos are getting vaccinated for the COVID-19 vaccine at much lower rates than other groups.

Participants who take the Rutgers survey will be providing valuable health information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them.

Your voice will help to create initiatives and may guide community health outreach in the future.

Who Can Participate in the COVID-19 Survey?

The Rutgers survey is seeking adults age 18 or older who self-identify as Hispanic, Latino/a, or Latinx who have lived in the U.S. from March 2020 to now.

They need 2,000 participants to complete their survey in Spanish or English.

They plan to complete data collection by June 2022.

If anyone wants more information on the study and survey, please email Baquerizo or Velera. They can answer any questions.

These responses will be critical in creating targeted community initiatives to address the impacts of COVID-19.

How You Can Step Up Otherwise to Raise Awareness of Inequities

Health Equity Report Card Covers Social Vulnerability, COVID-19
Health Equity Report Card Covers Social Vulnerability, COVID-19

The systemic inequities behind COVID-19 won’t be solved overnight.

But we can build confidence for Latino communities by raising awareness of them.

One resource you can use is Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio’s Latino COVID-19 Vaccine “Change of Heart” Bilingual Storytelling Campaign. The campaign shares the stories of real Latinos who overcame misinformation, got the vaccine, reconnected with family, and are helping end the pandemic.

Another resource is the Salud America! Health Equity Report Card.

Select your county name and get a customized Health Equity Report Card. You will see how your area stacks up in COVID-19 rates, housing, transit, poverty, health care, healthy food, and other health equity issues.

These data compare to the rest of your state and nation.

Then email your Health Equity Report Card to decision-makers or share it on social media. Use it to make a case for community change to boost health equity for the long term!

get a report card for your town!


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