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New Study: Social Media Discrimination Leads to Depression, Anxiety for Latinos

social media discrimination

Exposure to racial and ethnic discrimination on social media is correlated with higher levels of anxiety and depression for young Latino men, according to a new study by researchers at Florida International University. “Surprisingly, there is a lot of research about cyberbullying and social media but there really wasn't a thorough study that looked at how exposure to ethnic discrimination on social media impacts mental health,” said Miguel Ángel Cano, lead author and principal investigator of the study at FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work, according to a press release. This study has severe implications for Latinos, who tend to suffer from mental health issues and have less access to mental health services. It also indicates how ethnic ...

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#SaludTues Tweetchat 3/9: The Surprising Role of School Meals in Advancing Health Equity for Students

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For parents who don’t have access to enough food to feed their families, school breakfast and lunch are the only meals their children get in a day. This is the situation facing many Latino and black households, who suffer high rates of food insecurity. During COVID-19, USDA made school meals free for all students. This underlines the need for school lunch and breakfast to be as nutritious as possible, to ensure the health of all children, equitably. Let’s use #SaludTues on March 9, 2021, to tweet about how school meals set a strong foundation for health equity for Latino and all students, especially for National Nutrition Month in March and in advance of International School Meals Day on March 11! WHERE: Twitter WHAT: #SaludTues Tweetchat “The Surprising Role of ...

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Biden COVID-19 Task Force Focused on Health Equity

President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Task Force is in full swing, and their main focus is tackling health equity. On Jan. 21, 2021, Biden signed an executive order to create a task force focused on COVID-19 related health and social inequities. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the country, it has had a disproportionate impact on some of our most vulnerable communities. Shortly after COVID-19 was first identified in the United States, disparities in testing, cases, hospitalizations, and mortality began to emerge. These inequities were quickly evident by race, ethnicity, geography, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other factors,” according to the White House press briefing. As a result, the Biden administration selected people from diverse ...

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Inside California’s Struggles to Solve Housing, Homelessness

California had an affordable housing crisis well before COVID-19. Now the pandemic is having a devastating impact on housing and homelessness. State leaders are continuing work to make a difference. For example, California Gov. Gavin Newsom's 2021-22 State Budget proposal has many short-term investments specifically targeted at housing and homelessness. "The state continues to make progress in addressing the housing availability and affordability crisis that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic," the Governer's Office stated. "In addition to the $500 million for infill infrastructure, the Budget also proposes an additional $500 million in low-income housing tax credits to support low-income housing development. "The Administration is streamlining and reorganizing ...

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Help Stop Weight Bias for Obesity Care Week 2021!

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Obesity Care Week 2021 (#OCW2021) is here! From Feb. 28 to March 6, 2021, our Salud America! Latino health equity team at UT Health San Antonio, is happy to be an OCW2021 Champion to support this awareness week. Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness effort to end weight bias, as well as raise awareness, educate and advocate for a better world for people living with obesity. Salud America! research shows that U.S. Latinos face health inequities in many areas—from poverty and social support to access to affordable housing and transit—that contribute to higher rates of obesity. Latino adults have higher obesity rates than their white peers (47% and 37.9%), as do Latino children (20.7% and 11.7%). This, in turn, leads to disparities in diabetes and risk for COVID-19 and ...

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Spanish-Language Webinars for Latino Families about COVID-19 Vaccines

vaccine vacunas doctor giving covid-19 vaccination to hispanic latino espanol

Latinos are disproportionately hurt by COVID-19. But they make up a very low percentage of those getting a coronavirus vaccine. This is in part because of targeted misinformation and experiences with discrimination and implicit bias in the doctor's office. This is why CDC is conducting two webinars to share what Latino families and communities should know about the COVID-19 vaccine and more ways to slow the spread of the pandemic. Webinar 2/26/21: What Families Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines This webinar, set for 2 p.m. ET on Feb. 26, 2021, focuses on information for Latino families. Panelists include: Rev. Carlos Durán is president of The National Alliance of Hispanic Pastors. The Obama White House recognized Durán as a “Champion of Change” for his advocacy for ...

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New Program Brief Encourages Trail Use for Latino and Black Youth

Taking a walk or hike can be a great way to get outside and get in some physical activity. But what if your community doesn’t have access to hiking trails? The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) created a resource that identifies hiking and walking programs that encourage youth from underserved communities to get outside and hit the trails. The program brief looks specifically at Latino and Black youth, because they are more likely to experience health disparities related to lack of physical activity and are at risk for health complications later in life. What’s in the Program Brief? NCCOR identifies nine programs that successfully reach diverse groups and produce positive health outcomes. The programs meet the following criteria: highlighted on ...

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Food Insecurity Rocks Communities of Color Amid COVID-19

A lack of access to healthy, nutritious foods has harmed countless minorities for years. This problem has only gotten worse during the coronavirus pandemic. One in 10 Black and Latino families struggle with food insecurity, which is being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, according to a recent report from the Census Bureau. While different nonprofits and businesses have made attempts to help, wide-reaching gaps remain to make significant headway in food disparities. "We are seeing families every week, and, unfortunately, the need is not going to go away because these issues were here before COVID," Antonio Santos, co-founder and executive director of the Gage Park Latinx Council in Chicago, told Block Club Chicago. "We are also ...

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#SaludTues Tweetchat 3/2: Ensuring Healthy Hearts During COVID-19

hispanic man heart attack

Heart disease is the primary cause of death in the United States. Latinos are often uninformed of their risk for heart disease. Specifically, Mexican Americans have greater levels of uncontrolled blood pressure than non-Latino whites. They are also less likely to get treatment for high blood pressure. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the US, experts say people who have underlying health conditions should guard against COVID-19. Let’s use #SaludTues on March 02, 2021, to tweetchat about ways to promote heart health for Latinos and all people during COVID-19! WHAT: #SaludTues: Ensuring Healthy Hearts During COVID-19! TIME/DATE: 1-2 p.m. EST (Noon-1 p.m. CST), Tuesday, March 02, 2021 WHERE: On Twitter with hashtag #SaludTues HOST: ...

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