Bilingual Comic Strip Helps Latinos See Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine


what my family should know about COVID-19 vaccines - Latinos - English via National Alliance for Hispanic Health
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A new educational COVID-19 comic strip series in English and Spanish is helping bring important vaccine information to Latino families.

The comic strips, created by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, demonstrate what families, friends, parents, and patients need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine. The comics also feature the Alliance’s bilingual Su Familia Helpline (1-866-783-2645).

what my parents should know about COVID-19 vaccines - Latinos - Spanish via National Alliance for Hispanic Health
via National Alliance for Hispanic Health

See all 14 of the comic strips.

So far, Latinos make up a very low percentage of those getting a vaccine. And they are disproportionately hurt by COVID-19.

“The toll of COVID-19 on Hispanic communities has been devastating,” said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, leader of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, in a statement. “We have lost far too many and for far too long effective public health practices have not been adequately supported by policymakers.”

The Alliance also is working with 18 leading community-based organizations in rural and urban communities to ensure that the promise of COVID-19 vaccination benefits all.

A few months ago, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health also created COVID-19 Bingo (La Loteria). The family game has pictures of social distancing, hand-washing, video calls, physical activity, healthy food, faith, hope, and more.

More efforts are rising to reach Latinos with COVID-19 info.

At Salud America!, we created a landing page for COVID-19 and Latino health equity. This includes posts on COVID-19 rates, vaccines, and misinformation.

You can also share our Salud America! “Juntos, We Can Stop COVID-19” digital communication campaign in English or Spanish to help Latino families and workers take action to slow the spread of coronavirus, including wearing masks and getting the vaccine when available.

Juntos We can stop covid-19 -vaccine - spanThe #JuntosStopCovid campaign features culturally relevant fact sheets, infographics, and video role model stories to encourage Latinos to practice safe public health behaviors.

“As Latinos, we are resilient. But part of our resiliency requires action for the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of the campaign and Salud America! at the Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio. “Vaccines help our bodies become immune to a virus without becoming ill from it. Vaccination is an important way we can stop the pandemic once and for all.”

Find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you in English or Spanish!

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