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Study: Exito! Builds a Pipeline of Latino Doctors, Cancer Researchers

Latinos are less likely than other population groups to seek doctoral degrees and study cancer. Fortunately, a new study from UT Health San Antonio showcases the success of the Éxito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training program in motivating Latinos to earn doctoral degrees and pursue careers in cancer research. The study, published in the Journal of Cancer Education, examined the methods and results of the Éxito! program. Éxito!, led by Salud America! director Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez of UT Health San Antonio and funded by the National Cancer Institute, recruits 25 Latino students and health professionals annually for a culturally tailored curriculum to promote pursuit of a doctoral degree and cancer research career. The program also offers internships and ongoing ...

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Report: Kentucky 1st U.S. State to Require Hepatitis C Testing for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Latina mother

Kentucky is now the nation's first state to require pregnant women to get tested for the hepatitis C virus, which can easily spread from mother to child and can cause liver problems, reports. The new law is a respond to the rampant rise of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Kentucky and across the country, especially among Latinos. Health experts support the new law, effective July 2018. It costs money to do the testing—about $240 to $310 per test—but that's little compared to the $800,000 cost of a liver transplant, Dr. Claudia Espinosa, a pediatrician at University of Louisville, told the "If we can save one person from liver transplant and cirrhosis, it will save a lot of money, and prevent a lot of suffering," Espinosa said. HCV Rates Are ...

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Update: Philly Soda Tax Here to Stay—A Big Win for Latino Kids & Families

Did you know Latino kids consume more sugary drinks than the average kid? Finally, there's some good news for Latino and all kids and families in Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court voted to uphold the city's sweetened beverage tax in July 2018. The tax is the first of its kind in a big city. It aims to reduce sugary drink consumption and raise funds for health and education. “Today’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of Philadelphia’s sweetened beverage tax is a major victory for the city’s children and families," wrote Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, in a statement. The Philly Sweetened Beverage Tax Sugary drinks—soda, sports and energy drinks, sugary fruit juices, and flavored milk—contribute to the ...

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New College for Latino Students Without High-School Diplomas

Latinos are making big educational strides. But they still face a lot of hurdles in graduating high school, getting into college, and earning a degree. A Chicago program came up with a unique way to help. Instituto del Progresso Latino started Instituto College, a private two-year college in Chicago that will prepare Latino students with limited English and no high school diploma for middle-income positions, Inside Higher Ed reports. Instituto College aims to give hope to Latino immigrants. In August 2018, the college will welcome its first class of pilot nursing students. They will bridge with an already existing program, "Careers in Salud," which provides certified nursing assistant or registered nurse education. How Did Instituto College Come About? A new bill in ...

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HOPE: The Health Opportunity and Equity Initiative

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to create a good life. Sadly, Latinos and other minorities face an "opportunity gap." They lack of access to support for economic and education success, according to a Salud America! Research Review. This gap creates health inequities. The new Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE) initiative is starting a new conversation about the opportunity gap and developing metrics to chart progress toward health equity. "Measuring the opportunity gap is imperative for the nation—to chart progress in how we are performing on opportunity just as we track the Consumer Price Index or other indicators we value—but also for states and communities," according to the HOPE website. HOPE & Health Equity The HOPE initiative is funded by the Robert ...

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Doctoral Students to Give Mental Healthcare to Spanish Speakers

Mental health isn't talked about enough in the Latino community. Even if they want to talk, their doctors are rarely equipped to overcome language and cultural barriers to answer questions. That's starting to change in Missouri. A new residency program is recruiting doctors-in-training to provide Spanish-language mental healthcare services to Latinos in clinics across the state. The program is a collaboration between Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico, which operates a satellite campus in Missouri, and Compass Health Network, a nonprofit with healthcare clinics serving rural residents across Missouri, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. "Very few Missouri clinics have therapeutic staff who speak Spanish," according to the news report. "Compass Health Network ...

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New: Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business

Not sure if a snack food for your school or afterscool program meets federal nutrition guidelines? Check out the new Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business, a first-of-its-kind online marketplace committed to selling products that align with the USDA Smart Snack in School Standards. The store was created by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. "The Healthier Generation Store was created to provide schools and sites with an option that may help them more easily access products that meet nutritional guidelines," according to the Alliance website. "[Store] products were determined to meet nutrition standards by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation based upon products’ ingredient statement and Nutrition Facts panel." The store aims to support schools and groups ...

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Workshop Turns Janitors into Latino Health Advocates

health workers promotores

Promotores de salud are trained community members who promote everything from proper sleep to reducing child abuse among Latinos. Did you know even janitors can be promotores de salud? In fact, the nonprofit Building Skills Partnership and the U.S. Office of Minority Health conducted a workshop in June 2018 to help organizations secure health grants and train low-income male custodians to promote early detection of HIV and Hepatitis C to their Latino friends and family. The project had two phases: A three-day grant-writing workshop for organizations like Para Los Niños, the National Health Foundation, Esperanza Community Housing, The California Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, El Centro de Ayuda, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Los Angeles Alliance for ...

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Heat Maps Help Hospital Workers Find Best Multimodal Commutes

Vehicles. Carpools. Bicycles. Public transit. Feet. What’s the best way to commute to work? For workers at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, new heat map technology is planning out their optimal commute route in hopes of saving people time and money─and increasing the use of multimodal transportation options that are good for health and the environment. The new technology, Modeify, is being used by Arlington Transportation Partners and Mobility Lab to help hospital workers learn multimodal commute options they may not know about. “Modeify makes it easy for commuters to see the health, financial, and environmental advantages of switching from driving their own car to sustainable transportation options,” according to Mobility Lab. How Modeify Works Modeify is ...

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