Open Ciclismo: Crowdsourced Map of Biking in San Antonio

You can share the best—or worst—places to bike in San Antonio, thanks to a new bilingual crowdsourced map. The Open Ciclismo map, launched in October 2017 in English and Spanish by the local online news source the Rivard Report and ...
Rosalie Aguilar
Rosalie Aguilar: Dedicated to Improving Latino Health
Rosalie Aguilar grew up watching her grandfather in his water treatment lab, purging pollutants to produce cleaner drinking ...
Frustrated Latino Son and Mother Study Homework School
Latino Parents Reporting ADHD Higher Than Ever
More than 17 million U.S. kids and adults, including a rising number of Latinos, have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity ...
Fewer Latinos Signed Up Online for Health Insurance than Whites, Blacks
Only 1 in 10 who enrolled for healthcare coverage via last year were Latino, a lower rate than their black ...