3 Superfoods to Start Eating Again


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Some people don’t know what foods are or aren’t nutritious, and how it affects their weight.

Manuel Villacorta, a registered dietitian, said in a Fox News Latino article that some of his clients have sworn off certain beneficial and healthy foods because they have heard they are “fattening” or just not good for them.

Eggs, potatoes, and bananas are three foods that should be included regularly in your diet.Here are three foods to start eating again, according to Villacorta:

Eggs: While eggs have fat and cholesterol in them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that eggs will harm your weight or your cardiovascular system. According to nutritionists, high cholesterol in your diet isn’t the cause of high serum cholesterol in your bloodstream. Eggs are high in protein, good for maintaining muscle mass which helps manage your metabolism and weight. Some studies have shown that eggs increase “satiety and help you [can] help you lose weight.” Eggs are also high in choline, an essential nutrient associated with neurological health, fetal development, and prevention of several diseases. Eggs eaten in moderation (the American Heart Association no longer limits egg consumption) are good for you.

Potatoes: Though often considered full of “empty calories” the starchy, potatoes are good sources of potassium and vitamin C. As interest in food diversity has increased in the U.S., so has the introduction of highly nutritious colored potatoes. According to nutritionists, potatoes that are intensely purple, yellow, or red in skin color or that have colored flesh (i.e., sweet potatoes) are much healthier than traditional “white” potatoes. Purple potatoes contain anthocyanins which stabilize glucose in the body, which means that they do not increase your blood sugar. The same with sweet potatoes, which also contain high amounts of vitamin A (good for your immune system), beta-carotene (important for healthy eyes), and adipectonin (prevents insulin resistance). Moderation again is the key.

Bananas: As bananas ripen, the starch that makes them up turns to sugar. However, one of the great benefits of bananas is their variety. If sugar is a concern, buying smaller-sized bananas is a great way to manage that. The main benefit of bananas however is their potassium (a medium-sized banana has around 420mgs), a chemical element important for cellular function and can act as a supplement to reducing blood pressure, some studies show. During exercise, potassium is lost. Potassium provides carbohydrates needed for energy, so bananas make for a perfect pre- or post-workout snack.

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