A Community Teams Up to Bring Produce Closer to Home


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Latinos are the largest minority in Springfield, Oregon, and many live in an area without access to a grocery store.

Seeing the need for fresh produce in one underserved neighborhood, the Williamette Farm and Food Coalition, Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth, and a local convenience store have teamed up to bring fresh produce straight into the neighborhood.

Telltale Farm brings in fresh fruits and vegetables to the Dari Mart at 1243 Rainbow Drive once a week, and will continue to do so until fresh produce supply runs low in October.

The Williamette Farm and Food Coalition subsidizes the farmers for their time and provides a person to operate a machine that accepts credit cards and food stamp cards so that the farmer does not risk losing money to provide fresh produce in a neighborhood that needs it.

Dari Mart already had been working to increase its healthful offerings, said Lynne Fessenden, executive director of the food coalition, and the current food stand was an outgrowth of Dari Mart being part of the Healthy Corner Store program.

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