Action Pack: Make Your Schools Trauma-Sensitive!


Because you care about making your school “trauma sensitive”…and this Action Pack can help you do just that.

student kid with teacher locker school trauma happyOur team at Salud America!, a national project led by Dr. Amelie Ramirez of UT Health San Antonio, is excited you’re taking this big step that can support students dealing with trauma, connect them to resources, boost school attendance, and more!

This Action Pack has five key steps to help you talk to decision-makers, build a support team, craft a system to identify/track/support traumatized students, reduce absenteeism, and much more!

Before You Start…

Check out these materials, which can be customized to fit your needs.

💬 Trauma Sensitive FAQs. What’s trauma? How will this work? Etc.

📣 Trauma PowerPoints. Present on childhood trauma (and a case study).

📰 Case Study: East Central ISD. See how one district does trauma-sensitive. This includes real-life template materials: Resource guide, Protocol to track students of trauma, and Chain of command for use of protocol.

📔 Guides. Task Force, Comprehensive Trauma Sensitivity, and Training.

Step 1: Start the Conversation

Email Use our model emails & talking points to begin conversing with decision-makers.

📨 Email Superintendent / Leader (Word or PDF)

🗣 Talking points (PDF)

Step 2: Create a Group & Vision

show your support hand iconWith approval of a decision-maker, use these emails to recruit campus reps for a Task Force:

📨 Email Task Force Representative (Word or PDF)

Then use our Task Force Guide to start meetings and together identify needs and desires as you create your system:

Guide: Start a Task Force!

Step 3: Take Action—Trauma-Sensitive Tracking System

EC Cares Committee
EC Cares Committee at ECISD. Source: John Hernandez

Use these real materials from John Hernandez of East Central ISD and craft your own resource list, student tracking protocol and chain of command:

🗒 Template: Local Resource List. Compile and check public/private services for student referral

🗒 Template: Student Tracking. Identify, track, and monitor students of trauma in school management software.

🗒 Template: Chain of Command. Determine how staff will identify/alert/refer student in need.

Then you can present the system to departments, campuses, staffers:

📣 PowerPoint. Start with our PPT on childhood trauma and build on it.

Then you can address how to help your workforce get ongoing training in trauma sensitivity:

Guide: Training!

Step 4: Take Action—Comprehensive Trauma Sensitivity

Use our guide to plan additional action that will best support students in your district.

Guide: Comprehensive Trauma Sensitivity!

Step 5: Raise Awareness

Use these materials to share with parents or external supporters how the new system works and how they can support your efforts!

Get Help Anytime!

Email Amanda Merck, your Action Pack coach, for help or questions. Amanda am in contact with John Hernandez of East Central ISD, who also can help tackle questions and recommendations.

And at the end of your efforts, we can send you 25 Salud America! T-shirts and promote your progress on our national website among our other Salud Heroes!