Aquaponic and TransFarming Meetup Group Brings Sustainable Farming to San Antonio


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This wicking bed is from a build in October 2014. Source:

New ways to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in urban areas are being explored in San Antonio, Texas.

Patty Taylor, a recent Dallas transplant, wanted to learn more about backyard farming and aquaponics, a food production system that uses fish and plants to sustain one another in a co-habitat. She formed the San Antonio Aquaponic and TransFarming Meetup Group, hoping to bring together like-minded, motivated individuals to learn from each other and begin building gardens and planting seeds.

The meetup group has around 160 members, and hosts many different learning opportunities for the San Antonio community. Want to raise your own bees or install a wicking bed in your back yard? The Aquaponics and TransFarming Meetup Group has learning opportunities for all types of gardeners.

While the group is an independent Meetup Group, they are affiliated with The Texas Aquaponic and TransFarming Group based in Austin,  which is the largest aquaponic Meetup Group in the country.

The group aims to expand their reach throughout San Antonio, hoping to bring sustainable growing practices to neighborhoods that need it most.

Check out their website to learn more and get involved. 

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