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Rosalie Aguilar-Santos

Rosalie Aguilar Santos, MS, is Salud America!'s national project coordinator. She is passionate about nutrition, physical activity, and opportunities to engage communities in advocacy actions to promote Latino childhood health.

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CLOCC Blueprint

The Consotrium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, CLOCC, released this blueprint in hopes to create a healthier generation of children in ...

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‘Cobb school blazes trail in promoting students’ health’

Georgia is currently ranked number 2 in the nation for childhood obesity--but thanks to parents like Natalie Rogers and school principals like Martha Whalen, students at Sope Creek elementary now receive an extra 20-30 minutes of physical activity, everyday before beginning with their academic coursework. Rogers, a fitness enthusiast, worked together with the school's P.E. teacher to create cardio routines for the students. The program is not madatory but the added minutes of physical activity has helped to improve students' attention spans and students now take less time to complete their work. Rogers also worked to improve to the school's lunch menu. The additional physical activity time at Sope Creek is an example of a low cost program, that is not difficult to implement. Therefore, ...

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Colonias FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Texas Secretary of State's webpage describing colonias and the challenges faced by residents living in these predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. ...

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Coming Together: Translated

In this version of Coca-Cola's "Coming Together" ad, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) explains the reality behind Coca-Cola's deceptive anti-obesity ad. Although Coca-cola claims to be fighting obesity through it's anti-obesity campaigns, the truth is that its most popular drinks are one of the greatest sources of calories for ...

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Comment and debate: Reconsider penny-per-ounce soda tax

A pediatrician from Vermont argues that Vermont should reconsider the defeated soda tax. ...

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Communities Creating Healthy Environments to Combat Obesity: Preliminary Evaluation Findings From Two Case Studies

This document provides a framework for evaluating the strategies used by community organizations to bring about policy changes. The Community Coalition located in South Los Angeles (LA), CA, and La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) based out of Hidalgo County, Texas, both worked to bring about improvements to their communities. The Community Coalition worked to provide access to healthier foods, while LUPE worked to bring park improvements and street lights to Latinos, living in underserved areas. Both organizations were able to work with local officials for the redistribution of public resources, in order to advance their ...

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Community Health Crusade

This profile talks about the promotores program at Latino Health Access, the great need for parkland in Santa Ana, and about the positive impact that an improved built environment can have on one's health. According to this article, those who live in neighborhoods that provide opportunities for physical exercise have a 38% reduced chance of developing diabetes. ...

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Community Parks Revitalization Act , S. 3583

The text to the Community Parks Revitalization Act (S. 3583)which was introduced by Sen. Hagan, Sen. Kerry, and Sen. Gillibrand. This bill was read twice and later referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban ...

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Bill Status of S.B. 0396

Shows the status and history of S.B. 0396 and the amendment that would raise a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks and use the revenue for the Illinois Health Promotion ...

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