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Rosalie Aguilar-Santos

Rosalie Aguilar Santos, MS, is Salud America!'s national project coordinator. She is passionate about nutrition, physical activity, and opportunities to engage communities in advocacy actions to promote Latino childhood health.

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After-School Energizers: Classroom-Based Physical Activities

The goal of after-school energizers is to integrate physical activity with academic concepts. This workbook provides leaders with a list of activities which can encourage children, enrolled in after school programs, to be physically active. After school care providers are provided with the instructions for each activity, as well as an area to write notes on how children respond to an activity. For ideas on how to encourage physical activity during after school programs click ...

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Agenda Report on the Joint Use Agreement Between the City of Baldiwn Park and BPUSD

In this staff report we read about concerns that one of the City Council members had with some of the terms specified in the 2007 joint use agreement proposed between the City of Baldwin Park and the Baldwin Park Unified School District (BPUSD). After having examined the agreement, the City Attorney recommended that one section of the contract be amended. After this change had been made, the City Council approved the agreement. ...

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AIA Support’s Livable Communities

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) supports the development of Livable Communities through the enactment of The Livable Communities Act. The Livable Communities Act would make grants available for long term planning and create a specialized office within HUD to develop livable communities. ...

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AMA Votes for Policy that Recognizes Soda Taxes as One Way to Fight Obesity”

The American Medical Association voted at its annual meeting to adopt a policy that recognizes soda taxes as one way to pay for antiobesity programs, and that says any such tax revenue should go to programs to treat obesity and related ...

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Amarillo & Canyon High School Cycling Club

High school students attending Amarillo and Canyon High School now have the opportunity to join a cycling class for PE credit. After Safe Routes to School (SRTS) was brought to elementary schools and since the establishment of a city-wide hike and bike plan, high school students now have the opportunity to be trained in this Olympic sport by certified biking professionals. According to a blog post from BikeTexas the goal of the club is to prepare the students for participation in competitive and non-competitive road and mountain bike cycling. Read more about this ...

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An Apple a Day: Doctors and Organizations Writing a New Nutrition Rx

Describes the efforts in the DC area to get communities eating healthier through collaboration between doctors and farmers. ...

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An Urban Farming Oasis is Saved From the Bulldozer Blade”

An article fro, Grist that tells the story of how one dedicated urban gardener worked to save a community's oldest and most meaningful ...

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Answers to Questions Related to School District Policies

The Virtual Wellness Policy Team from Action for Healthy Kids have recorded audio files which provide answers to how policies in school districts can be developed. Click on a question and listen to or read an answer. ...

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Applying Smart Growth Principles to General Plan Update, Kings County Moves Toward a Healthier Future

Through applying Smart Growth principles and the collaborative efforts of a joint public health and city planning team, residents living in Kettleman city received a $140,000 grant to help improve the built environment. Residents also witnessed the development of the city's first farmer's market. ...

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