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Chancellor Confirms Sugary Beverage Tax

Sugary drink taxes and other policy restrictions on sugary drinks are growing in popularity across the globe to help reduce sugar intake in order to decrease rising obesity levels. Now British Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a two-tier levy of 18 pounds on drinks that have five grams of sugar per 100ml and the higher 24-pound rate on those with more than eight grams per 100ml. The British Soft Drinks Association opposes the tax, but the Obesity Health Alliance supports the tax. The tax set to be implemented starting in April 2018 doesn't include milk or pure fruit juice drinks but does include some alcoholic drinks. A spokeswoman from the Obesity Health Alliance told local news Sunderland Echo, "This is a significant step in the battle against obesity and the Government ...

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CA City Perris Passes Ordinance For No More DeFault Soda in Kids’ Meals!

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Congratulation to California, where an ordinance passed last night in the city of Perris (71% Latino) requires restaurant's kids' meals to no longer serve sugary drinks as part of the default option of the meal. Now parents and kids can see the healthy choice as the easy choice when dining out. Families can still order sugary beverages for their kids, but as the American Heart Association warns, just one soda exceeds the limit for sugars for a whole day for teens and kids. One can of regular soda contains nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar and 140 calories. Policies that promote healthier beverages are important for many kids in the United States who consume at least one sugary beverage a day. In fact, most two-thirds of children in the United States consumed at least one sugary ...

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How to Help Picky Eaters Enjoy Veggies!

As many parents know, and research shows, US kids are not getting enough vegetables into their diets. Although there are many ways to hide greens into kids' diets, experts suggest to keep them in plain view on the plate. According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 93% of US children ages 1 to 18 do not meet current recommendations for vegetable intake. However, blending spinach into your child's favorite strawberry shake may seem a tempting way for them to "like" spinach, the best way to offer vegetables is repeated exposure up to 8 to 15 times, explained psychologist, Lucy Cooke to NPR. Through her own research, Cooke found that kids trying new vegetables at school or at home, were more likely to eat more of the same vegetable three ...

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Public Schools Get Free Fresh Salad Bars

In Oklahoma City, students at two local public schools are enjoying free salad bars donated by Dole Food Company and Homeland Stores as part of an initiative by the United Fresh Start Foundation to increase healthy options for students in school. “Healthy eating options are key for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s a high priority for us when it comes to feeding our kids,” said Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Aurora Lora told Business Wire. “I am very appreciative of our community partners for bringing these salad bars into our schools, supporting all the great work that our School Nutrition Services Department is doing to provide fresh, and great tasting food choices for our students.” The schools including Hawthorne Elementary school and Classen School of ...

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School Food Leader Goes Above and Beyond for School Nutrition

Heather Baril of North Attleboro's school district in Massachusetts (4.3% Latino) is working to take school nutrition a step further with her new tagline for the school's cafeterias: Feeding Healthy Futures. Baril is further extending the healthy changes made by school service teams across the district that helped introduce meatless Mondays and homemade pizza days by introducing more cooking-from-scratch and community-wide efforts to push healthy eating into schools. Baril hopes to implement school community gardens that will generate produce for school cafeterias and also work with local produce and chefs from local restaurants to create healthy and desirable dishes for students. How is she planning to make so many healthy food changes in the district? Reaching out to parents ...

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South African Sugary Beverage Policies Effective For Rural Schools

In Vhembe-Mutale school district, sugary drinks have been banned since the beginning of the school year. The change has been successful and popular according to Health24, as parents like Tambulani Mbedzi explained that her child was suffering from headaches and found out that it was due to drinking a lot of sugary drinks at school being sold by hawkers. Children would buy two or three bottles of sugary drinks at a lower price from these hawkers that were selling sugary drinks to kids at school. The deputy principal at the school, Rendani Nemufulwi complained that because of these hawkers, that would even try to sell to kids secretly, kids were drinking tons of sugary drinks at the school and were less inclined to eat nutritious foods. Parents are happy about the changes, ...

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New Grant Opportunity for Native Schools from National Farm to School

A new Farm to School project that aims to expand farm to school activities in Native communities is looking to give five $5,900 mini-grants to expand and promote farm to school in native schools. Many generations of native peoples of North America have celebrated a connection to land, food, and community, and use of traditional foods. This new project hopes to expand community-wide initiatives towards building food security around food sovereignty as well as bring traditional foods like blue corn and bison into school menus. To learn more about the grant opportunities, check out the Seed Change in Native Communities with Farm to School and apply here. Applications are due March 22nd, 2017 for schools or early child care and education sites that are looking to expand or jumpstart ...

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Santa Fe May Set Special Election for May 2nd on Vote about Sugary Drinks Tax

Many supporters and opposers of the newly proposed 2-cents-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages stood in lines for hours to voice their opinions about whether the governing body should put the question before voters during May's special election. Supporters of the tax, like Paul Gibson wanted the special election, explaining that it is a worthy investment to spend the estimated $85,000 for the special election as voters will be distracted by other issues in May. However, employees of the soda industry urged to delay the vote or find another funding source for pre-K, as the tax is proposed to support funding of pre-kindergarten for low-income families. One employee, Joseph Sanchez explained to Santa Fe New Mexican news, that they aren't bad people and they support help for ...

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New Ban on Soda for EBT Card Holders Is in Discussion

Soda's, sweet teas, energy drinks, and sugary beverages of all types have been the uproar of news lately as many cities across the nation are considering sugary beverage taxes to reduce high rates of type 2 diabetes, obesity and other related diseases. Now lawmakers in various states including Tennesse, Florida, and Michigan are considering a ban on soda for all purchasers who want to use food stamps or state-issued Bridge Electronic Bank Transfer (EBT) cards. Even Arkansas introduced a similar bill last year, where EBT users would not be allowed to purchase foods that have "sufficient nutritional value". The bill was passed but is now waiting for the votes from the Senate, according to local 5 News online. These bans would not allow any EBT card user from being able to purchase ...

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