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Robla School District Gets Hydration Stations & Healthy Walking Program!

After United Way's Young Leaders Society, the Robla School District and the Health Education Council helped raise over $25,000 dollars to provide hydration stations at each school in the Robla School District (54% Latino), the district went a step further for health, literally. How? In the fall of 2015, after the Health Education Council met with students in their classrooms educating them on sugary beverages, the council also met with a small parent group at Taylor Street Elementary School to teach them about how to "Rethink Your Drink", educating parents on how much sugar is in the average soda, juices, and teas. Parents learned so much from the workshop that they wanted to know what else they could learn about. This conversation led to weekly nutrition workshops provided by ...

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Midland Hospital Encourages Plant Based Diets for Health

A city that is planning to be the healthiest city in Texas is looking to change they way they look at food to make heart disease and diabetes a thing of the past. In Midland, Texas (17.6 % Latino) Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH) is one of only two hospitals in the country to be part of a special partnership with the creator of Plant Pure Nation, a documentary about the health benefits of being on a pure plant based diet. The hospital has seen dramatic results in its patients who are going on this diet in regards to their health, where many patients have deterred their need for surgery or medications, just by changing their diets. Dr. Gurru, a local physician at the hospital for over 15 years explained to local CBS 7 news, why the hospital is promoting this type of ...

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Latino CrossFit Enthusiast and Photographer Portrays Sugar As It Is In Common Foods

Many foods are marketed as "healthy" to consumers, but what about the amount of sugar that is in each product? Antonio R. Estrada, a photographer, CrossFit enthusiast and sports nutritionist is aiming to show consumers products marketed as healthy, in their true light, portraying the amount of sugar contained in many products that people consume on a daily basis. Estrada explains that his idea is simple, to show consumers the amounts of sugar in products in the same way that industries show their products, with great lighting, packaging and visual effects. By putting the amount of sugar next to each product, consumers visualize the amount of sugar in an easy to see format. He hopes that through this artistic way of portraying these products, consumers will share his photos (with ...

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Vote Goes Up For Santa Fe’s Soda Tax

Today, February 8th, 2017,  the City Business and Quality of Life Committee which includes two persons, Mike Harris and Signe Lindell, is scheduled to meet at 11 a.m. to consider the 2-cents-per ounce tax proposed by Mayor Javier Gonzalez. The meeting today will not be a public meeting but the full council is purposed to meet for a public hearing and vote on March 8th. The soda tax is purposed to increase health and ensure funding education for pre-k in the city. The proposal has support, according to Santa Fe New Mexican Local News, but Rio Grande Foundation is opposing the tax, accusing the proposal is a creating a way for political lifestyle police. "The resolution doesn’t lay the groundwork for anything but a healthier community, and that’s something I absolutely ...

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School Nurse Starts School Garden To Encourage Healthy Eating

cafeteria school food lunch line

Students are encouraged to eat healthy lunches, but what if there was a program to increase efforts of consumption of fruits and vegetables while in school? Now students at Meramec Elementary are enjoying more fruits and vegetables in their diets at school. The school was also selected as a 2016 Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) School Foodservice Role Model for its efforts to increase fruits and vegetable consumption for their students and staff. How? Meramec's school Nurse, Caren Etling helped started the school's Science Garden in the Spring of 2015, encouraging students to learn about plants, crops, harvesting and healthy eating. Students planted corn, beans, native Missouri plants and a variety of herbs. Etling encouraged teachers to teach students about valuable ...

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Guam Gets Fit with Fit Fridays

On February third, the Ordot -Chalan Pago Elementary School (OCPES) kicked off the school-wide event for a SNAP-Ed program called "Fit Fridays" to encourage students to have at least one hour of regular physical activity every day. Health champions that helped lead the event were Principal of OCPES, Tricia Moylan and School Nurse, Leah Landstrom. Ordot-Chalan Pago is a pilot village for the program, where schools signed on back in December of 2016, to help roll out many Fit Fridays and become leaders and champions with the 5-2-1-Almost None pledge with SNAP-ED. The campaign for the 5-2-1-Almost None is supported by a partnership between the UOG college of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Department of Public Health and Social Services through SNAP-Ed. To learn more about ...

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Milken Institute Show What’s #WeighingUSdown

In all 50 states, at least 20% of the population now has obesity, according to The Milken Institute report, "Weighing Down America" that shows in detail the threat of obesity on rising rates of disease, our health care system, and our economy. Among the report are the facts that: Finds total cost of Americans' obesity equals to 8.2 % of U.S. GDP Obesity costs our nation’s collective well-being and prosperity $1.4 trillion annually Obesity and excess weight is an expanding health problem for more than 60% of Americans These are just a few of the findings from the report. Unfortunately, many health conditions are caused by obesity including cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, congestive heart failure, asthma, Alzheimers and more. Cost is also a ...

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Intern Creates Healthier Vending & Wellness for Shelby Township

In the township of Shelby, Michigan, a local intern helped to create a way to encourage health among employees through healthier vending. In the summer of 2016, township's Wellness Committee worked with Shelby Township Supervisor's office intern Kayla Gahlau, to create healthier vending and help increase funds for the employee wellness program. “We initially created this project because we believed that the healthy vending project would be another way to improve the overall quality of life in Shelby Township,” Gahlau told The Source. After proposing the idea of the healthier food options for the employee vending to Deputy Supervisor Brad Bates, they agreed that the project could not only help employees overall wellness but also help Gahlau develop in her health ...

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Vending Machines Must Show Calories Now!

Do the vending machines in your workplace, school, or city have calorie labels posted on food items? If not, they should, as the law passed by congress in March 2010 has now been in effect for over 5 million vending machines across the nation since December 1, 2016. Vending machines that are owned or operated by vendors with 20 or more machines should now officially offer consumers information to make the healthier choice the easier choice with calories labeled for each food and beverage item. A fact sheet on vending labeling developed by The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Voices for Healthy Kids, a joint initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Heart Association has detailed information about the requirements of the law. The fact ...

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