Bilingual Schools Are Helping Latino Students Succeed


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Across the country, dual language schools and academies are becoming a popular choice or both students and their parents. This is especially true for the growing English-learning population.

By putting a high value on bilingualism at schools, the ultimate goal is for the bilingual communities in which they reside to put a high value on them, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports.

In New York (18.17% Latino population), the New York State Education Department requires districts to offer bilingual programs if they have 20 or more students in any grade who share a language other than English.

At Delaware Primary School in Syracuse, New York (8.04% Latino population), two “50/50” classes of bilingual programming are offered at each level. The approach gives classes made up of half Spanish-speaking two teachers who speak half the day in Spanish and the other in English.

“We recognize the importance of maintaining the native language,” said Jackie LeRoy, the director of the district’s language services.

According to the Syracuse City School District, there are several reasons to employ bilingual “tactics” for their students aside from community buy in. These include:

  • Students develop better language skills throughout their lives if they are taught a second language at a young age.
  • Bilingual programs incorporate other cultures, which helps students grow and families feel pride.
  • Bilingualism makes students more employable and better college applicants.
  • Spanish-speaking students have a better “shot” at doing well in all subjects in school.

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