Community Food Business Incubator Hopes to Fund More Healthy Kitchens Across New Mexico


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The Mixing Bowl is a community commercial kitchen that has been helping small food businesses get going in New Mexico for the past ten years. To celebrate their decade of success, the Mixing Bowl is asking the New Mexico State legislature for $700,000 to fund development of a dozen other similar kitchens throughout the state, calling it the La Cocina initiative.

If funded, the La Cocina Initiative will help a dozen existing rural New Mexico communities build out food entrepreneur programs based on the successful Mixing Bowl model in underutilized commercial kitchens like those in community center, schools, and churches.mixingbowl

But these community kitchens aren’t aimed at simply producing food—they want the food to be fresh and healthy. Delicious New Mexico helps with this goal.

Delicious New Mexico is a group committed to growing a food system that supports local businesses first, creates new jobs, and promotes access to healthy food for all. While commercial community kitchens enable entrepreneurs to produce their goods, they still face the challenge of finding appropriate markets, and Delicious New Mexico helps with that by connecting small food business owners with healthy food outlets.

Read more about the La Cocina initiative, the Mixing Bowl and Delicious New Mexico here.

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