Elementary Students Can Take “Body Break” Any Time During Class


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When we are talking about academic performance, there is no right or wrong way to “workout.” Any physical activity to get you moving and to get your blood pumping is beneficial and can boost your mood and help you reset and focus.

Confederation Park Community School in Saskatoon Canada opens their gym all day and allows students to leave class at any time to burn off some energy. The goal is to empower kids to explore different kinds of physical activity when they feel like they can’t concentrate in class.

They can walk or run, do weights, play on gymnastics rings, flip big tires over, throw weighted balls, do yoga, dance, and many more activities.

Brain breaks” are one effective method to get kids moving in the classroom, but, as parents and teachers know, kids come to school with different energy levels and attention problems.

Latino kids often lack safe places to be physically active in and out of school. Allowing time for “body breaks” during school could boost physical and mental health as well as academic performance.

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