Fly Movement’s 6-Week Fitness Challenge Gets Houston Kids Moving!


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The team over at Fly Movement, a Houston based non-profit organization that works to get kids excited about being fit has just released the latest results from their 6-week fitness challenge!

After giving out 50 fitness trackers to 3rd grade students at Brookline Elementary, Eric Melchor, founder of Fly Movement, noted that kids were more active. While wearing fitness trackers the students walked an average of over 2.65 miles a day.

According to Melchor, the idea behind Fly Movement is simple. Just give kids a fitness tracker and a goal challenge.

“I usually tell them about one of my goals,” said Melchor. “If you can teach kids at a young age the importance of reaching goals they are going to do better in life.”

For kids participating in Fly Movement, the goal is to beat other classrooms by logging in more miles activity. Each day for six weeks students tally their miles in a workbook. Then once the competition is over, Fly Movement announces the winning classroom and hands out prizes like frisbees, basketballs and hula-hoops.

Check out the Fly-Movement’s latest Infographic here. Learn more about this program by visiting their website here.

To learn more about the importance of providing Latino children with opportunities for high quality physical education and physical activity, check out Salud America!’s Active Play resources here.

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