Food Access Task Force in Kansas City Aims for City Funding and New Grocery Store


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Drive thru road sign for your restaurant
In communities that lack healthy food access, sometime stopping by the drive-through on the way home is the quickest way to put food on the table. Yet, fast food can take a toll on your health.

Some communities in Kansas City, Missouri, like many urban areas across the U.S., lack easy access to healthy food outlets. For many Latino families, this reality can lead to unhealthy eating habits and cause diet-related disease.

Advocates for better healthy food access in Kansas City have formed a task force in hopes of finding solutions to combat these food deserts.

Task force members include Truman Medical Center, KC Healthy Kids and Illinois Fresh Foods Fund. The group recently shared an update with City Council members and is hoping the city will contribute funding to the cause.

Truman Medical Center plans to build a supermarket near 27th and Troost, but is still searching for a grocer to open up on the land.  They plan to break ground on the supermarket by Spring.

Read more about the healthy food task force here.

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