Foreign Born Latinos at Higher Risk for Respiratory Illnesses


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Respiratory illnesses disproportionately affect foreign born Latinos unless they live in “enclave like settings,” according to research published by the American Journal of Public Health, Latin Post reports.

Latinos who work in the areas of construction, farming, and factories are at higher risk for respiratory conditionslatinos-looking-at-document-1024x682.

In the Mexican culture, respiratory illnesses are often treated with herbal medicines, but those are not always effective when treating acute conditions such as asthma.

“Limón (lemon), Llantén (plantain or plantago), Canela (cassia cinnamon) are traditional Mexican medicinal herbs that frequently used to treat respiratory infections. However, most causes of acute respiratory infection aren’t treatable; therefore prevention and practicing good hygiene is the best way to ensure health. Washing hands, sneezing into the fold of one’s shirt or into a tissue, and keeping hands far from the face, eyes and mouth is the best way to prevent introducing germs to the body. Also, consume plenty of vitamins, such as vitamin C, and avoid smoking.”

If you have any respiratory conditions, experts recommend to visit a doctor for proper tretment.



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