Hospital in Wisconsin Phases-Out Sugary Drinks


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The phasing-out of sugary drinks at health care centers continues across the nation, but this particular hospital has been slowly testing the waters for years.

At Hudson Hospital and Clinic in Hudson, WI, where Latinos make-up the largest minority group, they’ve been working to slowing eliminate all sugar and artificial sweeteners from drinks on campus since 2011. Now, at the start of 2015, hospital officials say the switch is complete and patients and staff are on board with the changes.

Sparkling water, fruit juices, fruit-vegetable and herb-infused water, milk, coffee and tea are the new beverage options available to visitors, patients and staff. Folks seem to be embracing the changes; sales at the hospital café have remained constant since the change, said Nutrition Care Manager Jean Weiler in a news article.

Read more about Hudson Hospital’s journey to sugar-free.  

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