Latino Student Enrollment on the Rise at VA Community College


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Latinos have been making great strides in education in recent years. The high school dropout rate is the lowest in history and more and more are attending two- and four-year colleges and universities.

As the Latino population continues to grow, it can be expected that these trends will continue to grow more positively.

At Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa, VA (2.3% Latino population), those effects have already been felt. Despite lagging overall attendance figures for the institution, Latino numbers have grown to historic numbers.

The community college is now moving toward becoming a minority-serving institution, which is a designation awarded to colleges and universities in which white students make up less than 50% of the total enrollment.

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For the spring 2017 semester, Latino student enrollment is up considerably (36 Latina women, 24 Latino men). Ten years ago, just 15 Latino students overall were enrolled at Eastern Shore.

“We’re seeing a significant increase over the years in our Hispanic population,” said President Linda Thomas-Glover in an update to the Accomack County Board of Supervisors.

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