Latinos More Likely to Suffer Stress


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Hispanics are more likely than whites or blacks to report an increase in stress levels over the last year, according to a new national survey released in November 2009 by the American Psychological Association (APA).

More Hispanics report that their stress has increased in the past year than in 2008 (50% in 2009 vs. 44% in 2008). And, Hispanics are more likely to report that their stress has increased than adults on average (50% vs. 42%).

Hispanics also more commonly report experiencing these symptoms of stress than other adults:

  • 53% of Hispanic adults (vs. 47% overall) report that they have lain awake at night
  • 49% of Hispanic adults (vs. 43% overall) report fatigue
  • 45% of Hispanic adults (vs. 40% overall) report lack of interest, motivation, or energy
  • 44% of Hispanic adults (vs. 34% overall) report headaches
  • 41% of Hispanic adults (vs. 35% overall) report feeling nervous or anxious

For additional information on stress and lifestyle and behaviors, go here in Spanish or here in English.

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