Marquette University Students Want to Bring a Grocery Store to the Community


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The community that surrounds Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI is an official food desert, a USDA distinction for areas that lack a full-service grocery store within a one-mile radius and are predominately low-income . Many of these folks are Latino.

Marquette students and a local church are hoping to do something to change this.

An editorial in the school paper calls for the University to turn the former home of Campus Dollar, a now vacant building, into a grocery store.

The author makes the case that:

 “If Marquette is serious about working to get a grocery store in the neighborhood, the empty 4,000 square feet would be a good place to start. If the university would be willing to subsidize rent initially to attract grocery tenants to the space, profitability concerns may lessen.”

Read more about the proposed solution here!

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