Modesto Junior College Hosts Fair for Incoming Latino Students


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As Latinos continue to grow as a population (they are currently the nation’s largest racial and ethnic minority group), the focus on increasing educational opportunities for them has become a front burner topic on the agenda of many organizations.

In Modesto, Calif. (37.54% Latino population), one local institution has taken an innovative approach to not only increase Latino enrollment, but also to ensure that they succeed once they begin. Modesto Junior College recently completed its Hispanic Education Conference in which hundreds of local students were “exposed to higher education” through a series of workshops and motivational speakers.

Increasing Latino students’ exposure to higher education outlets has been identified as a key way to eliminating some barriers that they face.

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Some of the workshops that the conference featured include: Life after High School, What to Really Expect; Five Laws to Success; Who am I? Exploring Culture Identity; The Quality of Life with a College Education; Latinos in Health: Issues and Careers; Your Future Starts NOW; What Can I Do with An English Degree?; and Social Work in Child Protection, Adult Protection, and Veteran Affairs among many others.

By supplying Latino students with information that many have never had access to, the ultimate goal is that they will be better prepared when it is time to continue their education at the collegiate level.

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