New App Connects Boston Residents with Urban Agriculture Info


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A screenshot of the new app that connects Boston residents with urban agriculture info. Source:

In December 2013, the city of Boston adopted article 89, which serves as a structure for how urban farming can function in Boston. The article establishes zoning regulations for the operation of urban agriculture activities and provides standards for the siting, design, maintenance and modification of urban agriculture activities that address public safety, and minimize impacts on residents and historic resources in the City of Boston.

Folks in Boston are excited about urban farming becoming more of a reality. To support the new regulations, the City of Boston has come together with an app design team, the redevelopment authority, and outside donors to design an app that residents can download and use to navigate urban agriculture in Boston. Called,  the app provides information for people interested in all things Boston urban agriculture—zoning information, locations, specific communities and insight into the local urban agriculture leaders. It’ll also provide information for new farmers on how to go about planting their seeds within city limits and important best practices.

Once residents begin using the app, the creators will begin tweaking and adjusting capabilities as issues arise, They hope to do even more with in the future.

Read more about the new app in the BostonInno.

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