Non-Profit Opens City’s First Grocery Store in 12 Years


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Chester, PA has been without a grocery store since 2001 and more than 54% of families in the city travel too far for groceries, according to a Philabundance Community Survey conducted in July 2010.

Philabundance, a non-profit that fighting hunger in the region, is bringing fresh fruits and vegetables back into Chester.

Fare & Square, which opened in late September 2013, is a full-service neighborhood grocery store with a focus on fresh, healthy foods. The store boasts competitive prices and incentives for low-income families.

Shoppers with annual incomes equal to or less than twice the federal poverty level of around $23,000 for a family of four can accrue 7 percent store credit each time they shop, to be applied toward future purchases.

Food assistance, like SNAP and WIC, are also accepted at the grocery store.

Read more about Fare & Square here!

Check out this video and hear about how the non-profit grocery store got started!

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