Redevelopment on San Antonio’s Eastside to Include Urban Farm


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The Wheatley Courts neighborhood on San Antonio’s Eastside has seen better days. Run-down public housing, unsafe neighborhoods, and poor access to healthy foods have made life more difficult for folks who live there. The City of San Antonio took notice, and secured federal grant funding to redevelop the area.VAL_8850

The community-driven Wheatley Transformation Plan will create a viable and sustainable neighborhood with quality housing, education, employment, healthcare, and economic development opportunities—-including better food access.

In fact, an urban farm is planned to take-over currently vacant lots in Wheatley Court. Spearheaded by the San Antonio Housing Authority(SAHA), the farm will be built alongside the new housing units, to be finished as folks move in and can begin growing. SAHA has many partners in this endeavor, and plans to include lots of gardening and nutrition education. They also hope to get local schools involved.

Still, there is more funding to be secured and logistics to set straight. The CIty will have to update some zoning codes if the farm decides to raise animals, for instance.

To learn more about the future urban farm or to get involved, click here. 

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