Salud Talks Podcast Episode 12: “Hazardous Goods”


STE12 Hazardous Goods
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Do you know how many harmful chemicals are in the products found in your home, school, office, or car?

The reality is most people face exposure to hundreds—if not thousands—every day. We explore this issue in-depth with Mike Schade, “Mind the Store” Campaign Director with Safer Chemicals.

Check out this discussion on the #SaludTalks Podcast, Episode 12, “Hazardous Goods“!

In this episode, we explored questions such as:

  • Just how often are we exposed to chemicals?
  • When did business and civic leaders first learn about these trends?
  • What can people do to lessen their exposure to chemicals?

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Editor’s note: The photos used in this post and on Salud America!’s social media platforms were taken by Fabien Palencia and Stefano Giovannini

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