San Antonio Young Chef’s Healthy Snack Recipe is a Finalist in Nationwide Competition


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“Allison’s Snack Kabob” is made from fresh fruit, cheese, turkey and more delicious goodies that are good for taste buds and growing kids. Source:

When kids are involved in cooking healthy, delicious foods, they may be more likely to continue healthy eating habits for a life time. The food company Sodexo is sponsoring a nationwide recipe contest aimed at helping kids eat better.

More than 2,000 students across the country this year participated in the Sodexo 5th Annual Future Chef Challenge, and one finalist  is a young chef from San Antonio, TX.

Allison Mitchell’s recipe, “Allison’s Snack Kabob,” is made from fruit, non-fat yogurt and more and only has 165 calories.

Folks across the country could vote online for the winning recipe. Sodexo hopes their contest sparks kids’ interest in good nutrition.

“Getting them to think more about healthy eating and getting them engaged in the process of good nutrition,” said Roxanne Moore, Sodexo National Director of Wellness.

Read more and watch a video about the contest here.

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