Schools in Cincinnati Celebrate Healthy Victories but are Ready to Tackle More


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The Sycamore Community School system in Cincinnati has been working to improve school food for years, even winning recognition from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for the 2013-2014 school year. With an extremely diverse student body, the school has been making breakfast and lunch more ethnic, more healthy and more delicious. This year, the school system is ready to do more.

According to Jessica Johnson, food service director for Sycamore Community Schools, they’ll be going above and beyond new federal guidelines.

“We’re focusing efforts this year on building district policies to reduce the number of school parties and non-food rewards, increase the availability of healthy options in meals, revamp our vending machines and fundraising policies, and getting our staff to model good behavior,” Johnson said in a recent interview with Prevent Obesity.

Bringing healthy makeovers to school parties and fundraisers are crucial steps to creating a healthier school environment. As Sycamore schools begin making these changes, others districts will take notice.

Read more about Sycamore Community School system’s successes and future plans here.

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