Sharing Toolkit: Juntos, We Can Stop COVID-19!

COVID-19 continues to disproportionately impact Latinos.

That is why Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio launched the “Juntos, We Can Stop COVID-19” digital communication campaign in English and Spanish to help Latino families take action to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Update 12/18/20: We added important vaccine information, too!

Campaign Foundational Materials

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  • Here are the key actions every Latino can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19! #JuntosStopCovid @SaludAmerica
  • Juntos We can stop covid-19 -overview 3 - engWe ❤️ @SaludAmerica’s #JuntosStopCovid campaign to help Latinos slow the spread of COVID-19, including getting the vaccine when its available! Learn more:
  • A COVID-19 vaccine is here. @SaludAmerica shows why vaccination is important, as is continuing to wear masks, distance, and reduce opportunities to exposure. Let’s do this, familia! #JuntosStopCovid

Share #JuntosStopCovid Action 1: Wear a face mask—and care for it properly.

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  • Masks are scientifically proven to protect your familia, friends, and others from the spread of coronavirus. #JuntosStopCovid
  • Wear a face mask 1: Juntos We Can Stop Covid-19 campaign coronavirusDYK that lots of health experts say COVID-19 can be spread by people with no symptoms? Masks are an easy solution! #JuntosStopCovid
  • I wear my mask and wash it every day because I care about you, I care about your familia and my familia, and I care about my community. #JuntosStopCovid

Share #JuntosStopCovid Action 2: Avoid public places, or at least get together safely, familia.

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  • The surest way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home. Avoid public places and indoor get-togethers. #JuntosStopCovid
  • Juntos We can stop covid-19 -Gathering 2 - engBecause people without symptoms can spread the disease, it’s safer for mi familia if we avoid public places and avoid get-togethers with people not in our household. #JuntosStopCovid
  • Mi familia means so much to me. The least I can do now is stay home or avoid hanging out with people who don’t respect our desire to wear face masks and maintain 6 feet distance. #JuntosStopCovid

Share #JuntosStopCovid Action 3: Know what to do if you’re exposed, or test positive.

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  • Have you been exposed to COVID-19? Do you know what to do? #JuntosStopCovid
  • Know what to do if exposed 2: Juntos We Can Stop Covid-19 campaign coronavirusYou may get a call from a public health worker, familia, or friend that someone you recently came in contact with tested positive for COVID-19. They may have exposed you. Know what to do next! #JuntosStopCovid
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you are at potential risk for developing and spreading the infection for 14 days after the exposure. #JuntosStopCovid

Share #JuntosStopCovid Action 4: Get the COVID-19 vaccine (when available).

Use with Infographic Vaccine 1

  • A COVID-19 vaccine has (finally) arrived. What is it? Why should you get it? When will you get it? We have answers! #JuntosStopCovid
  • Juntos We can stop covid-19 -vaccine - engThe 1st COVID-19 vaccine is here, and more will follow. Be sure you know the facts! #JuntosStopCovid
  • Vaccines help our bodies become immune to a virus without becoming ill from it. Vaccination is an important way we can stop the pandemic once and for all. #JuntosStopCovid

Share #JuntosStopCovid Latino Role Models on Social Media

  • Natalia, Edgar, Rosalie, Dolores, and Stacy explain why they wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19. #JuntosStopCovid
  • These awesome Latinos know when to stay home. And if they have to go into public, they make sure to go safely, even with family. #JuntosStopCovid
  • Edgar’s wife was exposed to COVID-19 at work. So he did the right thing — he and his wife both stayed home for 14 days and monitored for symptoms daily. #JuntosStopCovid

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News Release 9/1/20 (Word or PDF)

News Release with Vaccine Update 12/18/20 (Word or PDF)

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