“SugarScience” Brings Sugar Research and Resources to the Public


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Added sugar isn’t just for sweets anymore. Read the ingredients inside things like pasta sauce and sandwich bread, and you might be surprised how much extra sugar you’ll find. Public health experts are pointing to excess sugar as a main contributor to diet-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, especially in vulnerable populations like Latinos. A team of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco have developed a new website, SugarScience.org, to take sugar-related scientific information out of medical journals and make it available to the public, to help individuals and communities make healthy choices.

SugarScience.org is designed as an authoritative source for the scientific evidence about sugar and its impact on health.  The site reflects an exhaustive review of more than 8,000 scientific papers that have been published to date, with a focus on the areas where the science is strongest – specifically, on diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

The site also offers downloadable infographics, ad banners, flyers, brochures, social media posts and much more so folks can educate their communities and spread the word about excess sugar.

Read more about SugarScience in this NPR article. 

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