Three Ways to Celebrate Rio 2016 Olympics Like a Champ


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Are you excited for the Olympics?

In just a few hours the eyes of the world will be set on the city of Samba and Brazilian flavor.Rio-2016

Here’s how you and your family can feel part of the action without leaving your backyard.

Organize Relay Races With Friends and Family:

Relay races are an excellent way to get the whole family involved. Put some obstacles along the way and don’t forget to reward the winning team with medals.

Healthy Foods From Around the World:

Celebrate the Olympics with healthy foods from around the world. Did you know that Brazil is home to top super foods such as Guarana (a natural stimulant that’s good for memory), Acai ( a berry used by athletes in smoothies, juices), and Maracuja?

Dance Samba:

Get on your feet and dance to the Afro-Latin rhythms of Samba! This traditional Brazilian dance can help you burn up to 576 calories in just one hour!!

Happy Rio 2016 and may the odds be in favor of your favorite team!!

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