Univision’s New Campaign Promotes Healthy Habits for Latinos


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Univision, one of the world’s largest multimedia companies, has launched a new campaign to promote better Latino health.

Univision Contigo focuses on promoting healthy habits by providing simple, easy, at-home tips and ideas that families can integrate into their everyday lives.

The goal is to get people more active and eating healthier. Healthy eating, regular physical activity and balancing the number of calories you eat with those you burn are key to maintaining a healthy weight.

“One way Univision [is committed to Latino health] is through Univision Contigo, our award-winning corporate social responsibility and community empowerment platform,” according to a news release. “[The campaign] focuses on three specific verticals, building strong minds from 0-30, promoting healthy habits and celebrating diversity.”

Salud America! is sharing the Univision Contigo campaign to help promote Latino health across the country.

How can you participate?

Simple: Tell Univision what steps your taking to lead a healthier life by tagging pictures of your outdoor adventures or your healthy meals and recipes using @UniContigo on Twitter & @unicontigo on Instagram.

The campaign is currently underway and runs through Jan. 31, 2018.

For more information about the campaign, visit www.univision.com/contigo.

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