Webinar: How to Start ‘Handle With Care’ to Help Students Who Suffer Trauma


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You are invited to join a national webinar to find out how you can start a “Handle With Care” program in your town to support students who experience violence and traumatic events.

The webinar, “How to Start ‘Handle with Care’ in 5 Simple Steps,” is set for 11 a.m. ET on Aug. 26, 2019.

Webinar speakers will explore:

  • Handle With Care, a program that activates police to notify schools when they encounter children at a traumatic scene, so schools can provide trauma-sensitive support right away. The program was begun the West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice in 2013.
  • The free Salud America! “Handle With Care Action Pack” with materials and technical assistance to help local police, school, and mental health leaders start a local Handle with Care program. The Action Pack will be released on Aug. 26, 2019.

Access the archived webinar here.


Learn about ‘Handle With Care’

Some kids witness domestic violence or murder. Some see loved ones hurt in accidents.

Handle With Care WebinarThese kids still have to go to class, carrying a burden of stress and trauma that can undermine their ability to learn, increase risk for engagement in negative coping behaviors, and increase risk for chronic mental and physical health problems. And schools are unaware that the child has suffered trauma.

Wouldn’t it help schools to know when a student is at the scene of police action?

Enter the “Handle With Care” program.

At the webinar Aug. 26, Andrea Darr, director of West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice, will explore how over 65 U.S. cities have begun a local Handle With Care program.

“Handle With Care enables police to give schools a heads-up when they find kids at the scene of domestic violence, shootings, drug raids, etc.,” Darr said. “Schools can be ready to give trauma-sensitive support and connect those kids and families to mental health services as needed.”


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See How to Start a Local ‘Handle With Care’ Program

Handle With Care can improve communication and collaboration between police and schools and help schools support traumatized students focus, learn, behave, and succeed.

So how do you start it?

At the webinar Aug. 26, Amanda Merck, a researcher and digital content curator at Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio, will explore how the Salud America! “Handle With Care Action Pack” can help you start a program in your town in just five steps.

“People can use the Handle With Care Action Pack and its five steps to bring together police, schools, and mental health leaders to proactively support students who endure trauma,” said Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America! and chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at UT Health San Antonio. “Handle With Care can enable traumatized students achieve academically and emotionally at their highest level, while helping prevent future risky behavior and chronic disease.”


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  1. Becky Kellerman

    Our son went through the worst part of my husband’s and my mental illness when he was a small child. I know that has affected our son. he has physical, mental disabilities and addiction. he is in a Skilled Nursing Facility for the Mentally I’ll since he was no longer safe at home. he thinks we are punishing him but it is to keep him safe. His diagnoses are schizoaffective disorder with Bipolar type 1, PTSD, addiction and a physical disability, spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. he had major spinal surgery when he was just 11 and both hips replaced when he was 35. he hates where he is now and thinks we are doing this to punish him and that we’ve thrown him away. as a mom I am deeply stressed and sad about this. is it true that when a child goes through physical trauma, they may not be able to grow past that age.hes 38 now and it’s breaking my heart💔