Cook County Soda Tax Talks Bubble Up


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Soda tax discussion in Cook County, Ill. (28.9 % Latino) started to bubble up as Board President of the county, Toni Preckwinkle discussed a proposal for a penny-per-ounce tax to help balance the budget.

As the city is fighting debts in the budget, the tax would be applied to help raise an estimated $74.6 million to help fill a $174 million gap, explains, The Chicago Tribune.

The American Beverage Association continues to fight against soda taxes in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boulder and has already started running TV and radio ads against the tax in Cook, calling it a “grocery tax” as mentioned in other arguments. Other organizations like the, No Cook County Beverage Tax Coalition, also bringing attention to the tax do not to mention anything about how the tax is solely on sugary beverages could help to decrease health costs, especially for low-income families who often pay more in healthcare costs associated with diabetes and obesity.

In fact, this week the World Health Organization has recommended all countries to tax sweetened beverages by 20% to help decrease consumption by 20% and reduce health risks like diabetes and obesity.

Latinos often face more targeted marketing of sweetened beverages, and often drink more sugary sweetened drinks than their peers, studies show.

More and more cities, states and countries around the world are educating their communities about the dangers of consuming sweet drinks like soda, flavored milk, energy drinks and more. Hoping to help them to drink more water, and decrease health costs and health risks associated with sugary beverages.

To learn more about the dangers of sugary beverages for Latino kids, click here.

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