Community Center in Pittsburgh Creates Outreach for Latina Health


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There are many barriers that exist that keep some Latinos from achieving the best health possible. Cultural stigmas, language barriers, and a lack of access are just some of these barriers.

For Latinas, the problems can be even more frightening.

Lack of insurance, lack of transportation, and even isolation are common problems that keep many Latinas from receiving medical treatment.

At the Latino Community Center in Pittsburgh, PA (2.72% Latino population), has recognized this growing problem and has decided to do something about it, as reported by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Using an idea based on the promotores de salud concept, the center has recruited and trained women to become “liaisons” in heavily Latino-populated neighborhoods in the city.

These liaisons will connect Latinas to bilingual health and educational resources on a variety of topics, including prenatal and birthing care, breastfeeding, and postpartum support groups.

The program’s goal is to eliminate some of the barriers Latinas in the community face.

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of Latinos remain without health insurance coverage

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